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leoJul 23 - Aug 22

Leo Horoscope For Today Today's Horoscope For Leo
Today: Friday - July 19, 2024


You may need to suspend playful notions or fanciful dreams as the Sagittarius moon squares off with Neptune before entering Capricorn, darling Leo, reminding you that most good things manifest through hard work. Manage your agenda accordingly, being mindful to make time for health and wellness practices. Your manifestation skills increase as Venus aligns with the Nodes of Fate, emphasizing that attitude is everything. Make the most of this cosmic climate by believing in your aspirations while outlining reasonable ways to achieve them. Just try not to overthink what comes next when Luna squares off with the Nodes this evening.

In Love

A rather magical, sweet, and soft sweet period awaits you now and in the days ahead, Leo. With the mighty sun flipping his fins through your solar twelfth house of privacy, he will toss a seashell over to mysterious Neptune deep in the pools of your solar eighth house of intimacy. This guarantees you'll feel especially cozy and sensual, ready to nuzzle up right at home behind closed doors. Spiritual energy will be whispering through the cosmos above. If you are committed and living together, consider how you can transform your living space into a sacred arena that promotes intimacy for the two of you. Daily Dating


This is a relationship, or it's on its way to being one, and like any relationship, it's going to require a little compromise. No big deal.

In Work

Are you ready to move forward, Leo? Your professional journey will advance as Venus in your sign trines the North Node in Aries and sextiles the South Node in Libra. There is no reason for you to remain stuck in your current position. Fate declares that your success is on the horizon. But this might be outside of your comfort zone. Although it can be scary to move on, you may feel cosmically supported in your ability to explore what your professional journey has to offer. Do not be afraid to move on!

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