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Leo Horoscope For Today Tuesday - November 29, 2022


Your friends will act as your soulmates today, sweet Lion, as the Aries moon shares a supportive alliance with Mars. Use this energy as an excuse to lean into your most valued supporters, even if a few of these faces exist within your social media feeds. Try not to run from your chores and errands this afternoon when Luna squares off with Pluto, or you could feel anxious about it later. Watch out for rocky vibes at home as Venus forms a harsh aspect to Saturn, which could cause boundaries to blur resulting in a rise of bickering or conflict. 

In Love

Tough love is here to face you today and tomorrow, Leo. You are at a crossroads in your personal and romantic relationships, especially with sweet Venus, our Lesser Benefic and the planetary ruler of attraction, beauty, and love, orbiting in your solar fourth house of home and family. She will fall and break her ankles, unable to stand beneath the gaze of a scathing Saturn, the Great Taskmaster and planetary ruler of hardship and karma who spins in your solar seventh house of partnerships. Challenging discussions about domestic plans and promises are being written in the stars. Do your best to take a step back to clear your head.


Dating: You and your people are getting along famously, though you might need to try something a little sneaky to get them all together. Get them all to work on the same big scheme.

In Work

What do you need to feel secure in your work-life balance, Leo? Address your concerns when Mercury in Scorpio opposes the North Node in Taurus today. You may have something that you want to tweak either at home or with your career to better your work-life balance. However, you might be afraid to ask for what you need or hold the conversation if you feel like it might take away from your pride. But you are destined to live a more suitable lifestyle that can take your professional endeavors and social life into consideration. Talk about your needs!

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