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Leo Horoscope For Today Tuesday - May 24, 2022


You'll function from a deep yet graceful place today, dear Leo, as the moon continues its journey through Pisces, forming a helpful alliance with dreamy Neptune. These vibes are great for connecting with someone special on a profound level, as the universe encourages you to intensify your bonds. You'll notice a shift this evening when the moon and Mars enter fiery Aries, activating the sector of your chart that governs spirituality. This cosmic climate will act as a bit of a cosmic safety net over the next couple of days, though you'll need to tap into your connection with the other side to make the most of these auspicious vibes.

In Love

Crushing on someone who's older and wiser, Leo? This could always be vice versa, but with coquettish Venus in harmony with taskmaster Saturn, one of you will more than likely take the lead. Maybe it's an ex-classmate or a mentor you look up to; the dynamic of this union could seem like it's equally as serious as it is unconventional. Keep in mind that the moon will conjunct Mars and Neptune in Pisces via your intimate eighth house of mergers, shared resources, and soulmate connections. This means you're not only as emotionally invested as ever but also twice as receptive to your partner's energy than usual. Stay grounded.


Dating: There's no need to worry about the way things are going at the moment. Slow down and just appreciate the small stuff. Let the big picture take care of itself for the time being.

In Work

Look before you leap, Leo! Now that Mars is fired up and ready to go in Aries, you could feel immensely driven to jump into your professional journey. Mars in Aries will help you seek out incredible opportunities that honor your courage and independence. You may have more freedom to explore the educational and travel aspects of your career during this time. Teachers and mentors could assist as well. Although exciting, Mars in Aries may cause you to jump straight in without a second thought. So, make sure you consider all of your possibilities before making a brash decision. 

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