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Leo Horoscope For Today Saturday - May 21, 2022


Your words will shine brightly today, dear Leo, thanks to a celestial marriage between the Gemini sun and communicative Mercury. These vibes are perfect for standing up on your soapbox, as people will be drawn to your thoughts and ideas. Your social media pages may also benefit from this cosmic climate, but be sure to edit your posts carefully before publishing them, as Mercury remains in its retrograde journey. As the day comes to a close, try to cut out some time for meditation and gratitude work when Luna blows a kiss to sweet Venus.

In Love

The celestial alignment that is forming takes you into some interesting territory in connection with your career. A certain connection could deepen into something very special. All it may take is one small incident to trigger off the hidden passion. If you are in a close relationship, then expect it to transform into something extra sparkling today, which will put a sheen on it for some time to come.


Dating: You're so charged up with good ideas and feelings that you can't keep them to yourself. Find someone you can really open up to and then just let it all out. You'll be amazed by the response you get.

In Work

Who are you going to continue working with, and what aspirations will you follow, Leo? Mercury retrograde could cause you to doubt some of your professional friendships, especially if some of them reared their two-faced nature that you were not expecting or if there has been unnecessary drama. You could have also felt unsure as to which dreams are worth pursuing. Luckily, the sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde in Gemini today, which could feel like a much-needed breakthrough. You could understand why some of your connections act a particular way and what is worth pursuing.

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