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ariesMar 21 - Apr 19

Aries Horoscope For Today Today's Horoscope For Aries
Today: Friday - May 17, 2024


The Virgo moon and Saturn face off this morning, bringing a tense energy to the table. Be extra mindful of your responsibilities for the day, dearest Aries, and take care not to ruffle feathers around the office by double-checking your work and staying on task. Luckily, you'll have a chance to embrace more leisure this afternoon when Luna aligns with Venus and Uranus, bringing a grounded yet playful energy to the table. Invest in yourself later tonight when the moon shares supportive connections with the sun and Jupiter, encouraging you to view decadence as a form of self-care.

In Love

Today and tomorrow could shake things up in your personal and romantic life, Aries. This is because sweet Venus, our Lesser Benefic who rules love, attraction, and beauty, is soaring like an angel through the heavens and will unite in a perfect conjunction with electric Uranus in the sky. This ensures shocks and surprises around matters of the heart and in your social network! Couples on stable ground may be provoked for more experimentation or some impulsive fun, but if you're on rocky foundations, you could face drama and a sudden need for freedom. Do your best not to be too impulsive! Daily Dating


You're not in a good place right now, but you can turn that discomfort into something good if you hunker down and just take a hard look at yourself. It'll be painful but well worth the introspection.

In Work

An intense revelation might be shared today, Aries. You might become privy to private information when Mercury in Taurus squares Pluto retrograde in Aquarius. The cosmic energy may present a clash, especially if you are finding something out about a former colleague or client. It could be direct or indirect, depending on how you come by the information. Regardless, you might be surprised to hear about a former connection's values, finances, or overall integrity. Make sure you remember whatever comes up since it could give you perspective as you revise your connections in your professional community. 

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