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Aries Horoscope For Today Saturday - August 13, 2022


The moon enters ethereal Pisces today and the sector of your chart that governs the subconscious, dear Aries, putting you in a lofty and carefree mood. Unfortunately, these vibes could cause you to disconnect from reality, and you may often catch yourself daydreaming when work should be the priority. Insecurities or small embarrassments could shake you back into reality later in the afternoon when Luna enters an unbalanced aspect with Venus. Use this energy as a cue to snap back into the present, though you may need to find a creative outlet to keep you focused on the now. 

In Love

Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of love and beauty, has turned a corner and entered Leo, Aries. As she transits your solar fifth house of true love, dating, and fertility, this is one of the most important periods of the year to pursue all matters of the heart. Singles are going to have the best luck in their favor to line up new options with prospective suitors now until September 5. Don’t let this energy go to waste! Luckily, couples can use this cosmic vibe to reignite their spark with their one-and-only, spend time with children if they have them, or pursue a pregnancy.


Dating: You must show people you have what it takes, and how hard could that be? Your fiery energy is perfect for taking off in new directions and leading the way to the future.

In Work

Time to wind down as the moon enters sleepy Pisces. As the energy takes on a soft, watery vibe, you might feel increasingly sleepy. Aries, it is not like you to lose your need for speed, especially at the end of your workweek. But the lunation is ready to take a step back. Instead of a rambunctious workday, try to have an easygoing day. Have a semi-structured plan to focus on as you chip away at your work. By focusing on a few tasks, you can remain productive without overextending yourself.

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