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Cancer Horoscope For Today Tuesday - May 24, 2022


You'll be on the receiving end of some guidance from beyond the veil today, dear Cancer, as the moon takes its final steps through Pisces, forming cosmic alliances with mystical Neptune and passionate Mars. Be sure to follow your heart and intuition right now, but try not to abandon your logic in the process. You'll feel a shift this evening when the moon and Mars enter fiery Aries, motivating you to get serious about your professional goals. Use this cosmic climate to tap into your bravery, especially if you're hoping to make waves around the office in the coming days. 

In Love

Cancer, are you ready to take things to the next level? When considering today's harmonious sextile between Venus via your traditional tenth house and serious Saturn via your intimate eighth house of mergers, one thing's for sure: the cosmos is in full support of this union. Although, in addition to Mercury retrograde, Pluto is also retrograde in your relationship sector, which means that things aren't necessarily as they seem. Moreover, the moon will join forces with Mars and Neptune in Pisces via your exotic ninth house of adventure, expansion, and belief systems. This isn't only inspiring you to venture into the unknown, but also reminding you to stand firm in your truth.


Dating: You are feeling extra social at the moment. You might want to throw a party or just invite a few people over and see what happens. Most likely you'll need to get things started yourself.

In Work

Be a professional powerhouse, Cancer! As Mars enters Aries today, you could feel incredibly empowered by your sense of authority and ability to forge forward in your career path. Mars ignites your professional drive to become a trailblazer. Throughout this transit, you may rise ferociously thanks to your direct, assertive nature and incredible desire to achieve whatever you set out to do. Your professional reputation will carry traits of Mars in Aries during this time as well. But Mars in Aries is incredibly independent, so you may find yourself going rogue as you carve out your career path.

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