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Cancer Horoscope For Today Tuesday - November 29, 2022


You'll feel most in control from the comfort of home today, dear crab, as the Libra moon shares a sweet connection with Saturn. These vibes are also perfect for tapping into your domestic authority, especially when it comes to delegating chores or asking for help around the house. You'll be reminded of your inner strength when Luna blows a kiss to Mars later in the afternoon, making it a good time to pursue projects that you feel passionate about, even if you're not super confident in your skills. Watch out for tension within your love life this evening when the moon squares off with brooding Pluto. 

In Love

Get ready to celebrate, Cancer! Welcome to one of the best periods of the year for your personal and romantic life. Sweet Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, flips her fins like a mermaid and ventures into the sea castles of the deep. This sector of the sky is also known as your solar fifth house of true love, romance, and dating, so singles must seize the day to find someone just their type because there truly isn’t any other time better. Consider many suitors and keep your options open as you look for someone who understands the reefs of your soul. You may feel very soon that you’ve found the one.


Dating: Do right by yourself, at least a little bit, and today is the day. Turn away from all the people in your life who seem needy (everyone does to you) and take a long walk or buy yourself something nice.

In Work

Mull over your options, Cancer. Solidifying your investments to ensure financial security is your top priority when the Venusian moon in Libra trines Saturn in Aquarius. The airy trine is ready to go over your unique opportunities to assume authority over your property, assets, inheritances, and debts. Since the moon conjuncts Mercury in Libra, it might be best to go over your options with someone that you share these financial duties with, such as family, a spouse, or a roommate. Talking about your joint financial plans may lead to a mutual compromise.

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