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Cancer Horoscope For Today Thursday - February 16, 2023


A sweetness will fill the air as the Capricorn moon aligns with the Nodes of Fate, sweet Crab, marking the perfect occasion to embrace fun with a loved one. Venturing out with your sweetie will be particularly satisfactory, though directing your energy toward self-care will also be approved by the stars. You may feel yourself shutting down as afternoon rolls around and Luna squares off with Jupiter, making it important that you prioritize balance and harmony. A charge of electricity will find you later tonight when the moon connects with Uranus, putting you in a social and adventurous mood. 

In Love

Very bad news and frustration await your personal and romantic life today, Cancer. This is because the mighty sun will become crushed by an icy Saturn as they unite in an exact conjunction in your solar eighth house of intimacy. If you’re going through a divorce or separation, horrible news could pop up, as you’re left to fend for yourself without restitution or child support. However, if casually dating, you may have a tough conversation with your one-and-only about how your intimate needs or theirs’ aren’t being adequately satisfied.


Dating: You're having a hard time dealing with your people today, thanks to all the different conflicting ideas floating around today. Maybe you need to walk away and come back later.

In Work

What should you invest in, Cancer? Conversations about pursuing your new professional aspirations versus old goals might be tense as Mercury in Aquarius squares the South Node in Scorpio and the North Node in Taurus. You may feel torn between continuing with ongoing endeavors over starting anew. Although it might be scary to take a leap of faith, then it could be worthwhile. Since the sun in Aquarius will also conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, just know that you have the control and authority to invest in whatever will be financially enduring.

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