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Aquarius Horoscope For Today Tuesday - November 29, 2022


The universe will ask you to put yourself out there and make a few moves today, dear Aquarius, as the Aries moon aspects Mars and Pluto. Unfortunately, there's a risk you may hold yourself back, making it important that you do not succumb to self-doubt. Meanwhile, Mercury aligns with the nodes of fate, helping you understand your professional path and domestic life with more clarity. You may begin to feel quieter and closed off as Venus squares off with Saturn, though you should give your loved ones a heads-up if you plan on going offline for the day. 

In Love

Rocky roads lie ahead today and tomorrow, Aquarius. This is because sweet Venus, our Lesser Benefic and the goddess planet of beauty and love, is shimmying through the sky and will cross swords with mighty Saturn, the Great Taskmaster planet who is not only your planetary co-ruler, but also standing within your solar first house of identity and your zodiac sign. Tension will be around every corner, especially concerning the pressures of your career and the toll it is taking upon your personal life. You may decide that only you can make the life you desire and can’t trust anyone to help you get there.


Dating: You have amazing energy pouring out of every square inch of you, and the right people are taking notice! You might want to get arty, or at least playful, with the way you live your life.

In Work

What do you want to accomplish as a professional, Aquarius? Prepare to think about your next move when Mercury in Scorpio opposes the North Node in Taurus. There might be conversations about your achievements, status, reputation, and overarching legacy as a professional. But it might be time to focus on your work-life balance. There is no doubt that you are accomplished, so you may benefit from spending time at home or focusing on maintaining a more leveled work-life balance. You might even feel like it is time to go back to your roots to rediscover your career path!

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