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Aquarius Horoscope For Today Monday - August 15, 2022


Your mouth may move faster than your mind today, dear Aquarius, as the moon blazes through fiery Aries and the sector of your chart that governs communication. Luckily, the vast majority of people will find your antics charming, though you should still be mindful of your words when possible. Meanwhile, a sweet connection between Mercury and the nodes of fate will help you process your emotions, allowing you to gain clarity on any issues that have been weighing on your heart and mind recently. Try to get some journaling in later tonight, when the moon cozies up to the healing asteroid, Chiron.

In Love

The moon forms a gorgeous sextile to your zodiac sign today, Aquarius. This is because our beloved Luna is now orbiting excitedly through Aries — the fire sign symbolized by the Ram. This energy will make you quite impulsive around your emotions and how you pursue your desires. With her charging up your solar third house of ideas and communication, you may even feel eager to announce your thoughts and perspective to others around your personal or romantic life. Just don’t say anything that is entirely self-serving and not also looking at other people’s points of view!


Dating: New information comes your way that helps you see someone a little differently. That's okay. A change in perspective is just what you need. Try to piece it together, because it certainly doesn't all make sense to you at first.

In Work

What do you want to sustain, Aquarius? Your livelihood is contingent upon your financial reserves as Mercury in Virgo trines the North Node in Taurus. If you want to sustain your lifestyle or set your family up for success, then you will need to plan accordingly. Mental Mercury is hyper-focused on bringing all the details together so that you can be financially successful. If you want to secure your resources and family, then you may need to explore your options. Look into potential policies, retirement plans, and ways to alleviate any debts that limit your capabilities.

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