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Aquarius Horoscope For Today Saturday - August 13, 2022


You may feel emotionally hungover after last night's full moon, and a harsh square between Luna and Mars could cause your motivation to take a dip. Don't feel bad if you need to take some space in order to tend to your needs, but try not to get into hot water with your boss if doing so inspires you to take a day off. Luckily, a nurturing and stabilizing energy will fill the air this afternoon as Luna enters Pisces and your solar second house. This luminary placement will give you the cosmic green light to indulge in a bit of luxury, making it a great time to schedule a massage. 

In Love

Get ready for one of the sweetest periods of the year for your relationships, Aquarius. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of love, attraction, and beauty, has turned a corner and now stands across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of partnerships. This will continue until September 5 and is an announcement from the heavens that union, commitment, and dancing with a twin flame will all have more harmony now. If attached, you’ll notice an easier and breezier vibe as you see eye-to-eye. If single, you’re being given a chance to find someone with long-term relationship potential.


Dating: You're stunned (in a good way) by something you hear early today. If someone is making a play or something much lower in intensity, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

In Work

Try to feel confident in your money matters, Aquarius. As the moon enters watery Pisces, your feelings about your finances might ebb and flow. You could feel surprisingly secure in one moment and then emotionally moved the next. It might even relate to how you feel about your sense of professional security or how you feel valued as an employee. Since the lunar energy is exceptionally sensitive, you should try to keep your feelings in check so that you are not projecting onto others or allowing your emotions to negatively impact your finances by overspending. 

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