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sagittariusNov 22 - Dec 21

Sagittarius Horoscope For Today Saturday - May 21, 2022


Beware of word vomit today, darling Sagittarius, as the moon makes its way through Aquarius, bringing an emotional energy to your voice. Unfortunately, a harsh connection between Luna and unpredictable Uranus could cause you to speak without thinking. You may want to take a few moments for grounding and mediation before interacting with others. Boredom threatens to haunt you later tonight when Luna enters a harsh t-square with the nodes of fate, which may leave you feeling as though you're caught in a rut. Fight these wonky vibes by indulging in a creative outlet to help your mind find complexity and excitement once again. 

In Love

The celestial alignment today makes for some interesting experiences in the love and romance department. You have the chance to take one particular person to the heights of passion or the depths of feeling, or both, if you can cope with so much fire all in one day. If you can't, and wish to be a little detached, you can certainly do so but may miss out on a great opportunity.


Dating: You're feeling too awesome to stay at home, so get out there and mix it up with other people. They want to get to know you just as much as you want to meet them.

In Work

Over the last few weeks, Mercury retrograde could have wreaked a little chaos in your professional arrangements and working relationships. Sagittarius, you could have even been offered opportunities to work with new entities, people, or different obligations. Making a decision has been difficult, but you could experience a much-needed breakthrough when Mercury retrograde conjuncts the sun in Gemini. The conjunction could bring something out in conversation or when reviewing the terms of an agreement that could set you on the right path as you move forward with your professional commitments.

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