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Sagittarius Horoscope For Today Saturday - August 13, 2022


You may have a hard time aligning your thoughts and actions today, dear Archer, as the Aquarius moon enters a harsh square with Mars. Forgetfulness and disorganization will only accentuate these issues, so you may want to draft a to-do list to help keep you on track. An emotional energy will fill the air as afternoon rolls around and the moon enters Pisces, activating your solar fourth house. This luminary placement could inspire you to spend the weekend at home, catching up on your self-care routines and need for relaxation. These vibes are also perfect for catching up on domestic duties, making it a good time to deep clean your space. 

In Love

Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of love, beauty, and attraction, is jazzing it up in a fellow Fire sign, Sagittarius. As she trines your zodiac sign, you’ll feel more magnetic, irresistible, and free-spirited than you normally do! This is a true blessing from the universe, as you’ll notice ease comes to your personal and romantic life. Also, if you’re open to dating outside of your normal type, such as someone from a different background or homeland, this could open your eyes to great and vast levels of wisdom. Go for it — you won’t be disappointed!


Dating: Your romantic instincts are on fire right now, and it's the perfect time to say hi to someone new and see if things heat up. Of course, if you're happy with your sweetie, don't look any further.

In Work

Do not be surprised if your rambunctious nature is somewhat subdued today, Sagittarius. Usually, you are the one who goes after new adventures or opportunities to make the most of your workday. But the moon is moving into Pisces, so you might feel differently. Your energy levels will be lower than usual during this lunar transit. Even though you are lacking the gumption to get through your workload, you could use this lunation to chip away at your domestic duties. If possible, this could be the perfect day to play hooky!

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