Leo Personality, Characteristics, Dates, & Zodiac Sign Meaning

Leo Personality, Characteristics, Dates, & Zodiac Meaning. Learn more about this fire sign's positive & negative traits, love, profession, compatibility, health, & more!

leo Jul 23 - Aug 22

The Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Months & Dates: July 23 - August 22 Positive traits: dominant, proud, extrovert and possesses positive bend towards life, they may not be great as lovers but they are extremely loyal friends, kind and big hearted, energetic and optimistic. Negative traits: bossy, intolerant, interfering and patronizing, egoistic, dominating, arrogant, possessive and jealous.

Leo Personality & Characteristics

Leo sign is the fifth sign of the Zodiac and is a masculine and positive sign. They are born leaders who are outgoing, proud, and warm hearted, loyal and are also very defensive about their loved ones. They enjoy flattery and attentions and tend to become depressed when they don't get them all. Considered the most masculine of all signs, Leos have a majestic bearing. They are the most dominant and extroverted, but at the same time very loyal and kind hearted too.

They are courageous people who have a very positive attitude towards life. They are ambitious as well as intelligent and desire position and power, where they can exercise their dominance. They are practical human beings who are driven by mind rather than by heart. They also possess artistic talents and can be good on stage as performers. They love to be in the spotlight and enjoy the attention showered on them. They possess a sense of pride and dignity, which makes people look up to them, however their ego doesn't let them submit to other's opinion and they tend to act bossy. They expect people to follow their advice and lead, but are not willing to follow other's ideas and advice's. They are vigorously outgoing but can also be lazy at times.

They pretend to be introverts but actually they are not. They are often found in dazzling places where they can enjoy the limelight. They are fiercely protective about their pride and ego and what they believe in. They have a feeling of being superior to others.

Leos are outspoken and mean what they say, be it praise or criticism. They are clever and do not waste their time of doing things that are insignificant. They don't like to depend on others, rather wants others to depend on them. Even though they might appear cold, bossy and domineering, they are sympathetic from inside. They are very rigid about their ideas and opinions and it is very difficult to change their mind, once they make it up. They like to do one thing at a time, so that they can do it well.

Creativity and originality are their fortes. In social gatherings and parties they are the center of attraction, well they loves to be one. In a group he will always be the bravest one, always ready to lead. As an enemy he is powerful, yet with morals. They are high esteemed, honorable and devoted to themselves. They would always make their presence known. Even though a Leo might be egoistic, arrogant and rigid, he has a very good heart that actually cares. All you need to melt a Leo is an occasional dose of flattery. That's the trick to tame the lion.

Some of the important things associated with Leo Zodiac Sign are: Symbol: The lion Ruling Planet: Sun Element: Fire Motto: 'I want' Lucky Colors: Gold, royal purple, orange, red Lucky Flowers: Showy dahlia, yellow, lily, red poppy, marigold, sunflower and heliotrope Birthstone: Sardonyx

Love Life (Leo Relationship, Love & Sex)

A Leo lover is full of passion. They ooze sexual confidence and love to take charge in the bed. They enjoy the pleasures of sex and loves praises from their partners. They are dominating and become the dominant partner in a relationship. They dislike possessive partners and consider them a threat to their free will, power and dominance, thus they stay away from them. Possessing high social skills they love to flirt, but once they get involved in a serious relationships they remain committed. For them loyalty is very important and they remain loyal to their partners but they expect the same from their partners too. If their trust is broken, they will break the relationship without much pain and move on. Since they love praise and attention they expect the same from their partners.

Leo Man in Love and Relationship: Leo man worship beauty and enjoy the company of beautiful women. They can be extremely loving, caring, dependable and trustworthy as partners. They prefer a happy and stable married life.

Leo Woman in Love and Relationship: Leo woman are attractive and interesting. They prefer men who possess position and power but at the same time she wants a partner whom she can dominate. She is romantic and believes in commitment and looks the same from her partner.

Leos prefer staying alone than in a relationship that restricts their freedom and free spirit.

Professional life (Leo In Money & Career)

Leos love work that brings fame, power and status to them. They work well in conditions where they are in charge and in a position to lead, true to their symbol of the lion who rules the jungle. They are fearless, inspiring and independent and love to lead, however they might not be a good team player owing to their ego, but they also possess the quality to charm others. They are born leaders and prefer to be working than sitting idly. They are courageous and are not scared of taking risks. They want credit and applause at the end of their job.

Leo men prefer jobs that involve creativity and leadership. Leo women are good in convincing and they can do well in jobs that require finding clients. Some of the best career options for Leos are politician, publicist, executives, managers, CEO's, athlete, entertainment, speaker, ministers, education, chemist, inventor, musician etc.

Zodiac Compatibility (Leo Compatibility With Other Astrological Signs)

Leos are usually compatible with other fire signs. They have the highest compatibility with Sagittarius, aries, Capricorn and Aquarius, highly compatible with Gemini, Libra and Scorpio and least compatible with Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and Taurus.

Health (About Leo Wellbeing)

Leos rule the back and the heart so they are subject to over - exertion, general problems related to back and heart ailments. They face medical problems mainly due to their overindulgence but can overcome them owing to their strong constitution.

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