Virgo Personality, Characteristics, Dates, & Zodiac Sign Meaning

Virgo Personality, Characteristics, Dates, & Zodiac Meaning. Learn more about this earth sign's positive & negative traits, love, profession, compatibility, health, & more!

virgo Aug 23 - Sep 22

The Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo Months & Dates: August 23 - September 22 Positive traits: careful, orderly, creative and intelligent, dependable, trustworthy, analytical, perfectionist. Negative traits: fussy, worry too much, overcritical and harsh, choosy, conservative.

Virgo Personality & Characteristics

Virgo sign is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. They are modest and shy, meticulous and reliable, practical and diligent and intelligent and analytical. It is the only zodiac sign represented by female. They are observant, shrewd, critical, believe and maintaining status quo and conservative. They are the kind of people who are born to serve. They have a high sense of their duty and responsibility and thrive to work for greater good. They have a good eye for details. They symbol of Virgo, the virgin holding sheaves of wheat in her hands, represents the wisdom, gathered from various fields.

They are highly idealistic and they love books, magazines and writing. They are very critical and search for perfection in everything. They strive to improve everything and everyone. Thus they also choose careers that give them an opportunity to improve things around them. In their pursuit of making everyone and everything perfect, they won't hesitate to use guilt as their weapon. Virgos have charm and dignity.

Thoroughness, hard work and conscientiousness are their hallmark but they tend to get discouraged easily if things go wrong. They tend to be better as subordinates than as leaders. They have good potential to become scientists, artists and linguists. They enjoy working more on practical projects than follow one monotonous routine. They are careful in dealing with money matters. They enjoy getting involved with their practical and logical side.

Like the planet that rules them, which doesn't stay still in one place for long, Virgos tend to move from one place to another, both mentally and physically. They are very keen in understanding things in a detailed manner, however most of the time they tend to overdo themselves in their pursuit of detail. Since their element is earth, they are grounded most of the time. They are humble and easy going. Their drive for perfection makes them go after things that they consider valuable and precious, often making them appear as materialistic. They are also extremely health conscious. They pay proper attention to diet and hygiene and spend some time in working out as well.

As a friend Virgos are loyal and truthful. They may not be good while dealing with emotions but they will always think of making their friend's life better and meaningful. Their recommendations will be to make your life better. Their greatest strength lies in practicality and perfectionism.

Some of the important things associated with Virgo Zodiac Sign are: Symbol: The virgin Ruling Planet: Mercury Element: Earth Motto: 'I scrutinize' Lucky Colors: Blue, yellow, grey, tan, navy and lilac, green Lucky Flowers: Aster, chrysanthemum, ivy and fern Birthstone: Sapphire

Love Life (Virgo Relationship, Love & Sex)

When it comes to love, they are very choosy. They have a sensuality that is deeply buried. On the outward they look cool and calm but they are boiling with passions inside. They can be caring and controlling lovers, but it's difficult to crack their outer shield. Unless you break that shield, having a relationship with a Virgo will be a tough one, but once the shield is broken they are the passionate lovers. They make their lovers feel wanted and place them in the center of their life. They dwell too much on their past and takes time to move on. They are very critical, choosy and analytical about choosing their partners. In matters of love they are less determined than others. They take time to fall in love and get involved in a relationship.

Virgo Man in Love and Relationship: Virgo man A Virgo male is shy and modest. He is organized and orderly. He is also economical and practical and thus considers falling in love a waste of time and energy. He prefers staying single. On the contrary he looks in his partner all those things that he avoids in his life.

Virgo Woman in Love and Relationship: Virgo woman don't mind waiting for their Mr. Perfect. Being perfectionist they want their partner to be perfect. They take time to move along the relationship and will commit only if she is absolutely satisfied of her choice. They do not like adventure or mystery and they can stick in a single relationship for a lifetime. They prefer staying at home rather than going out. If they want to stay in a relationship they need to be less critical about their partner and respect their individuality. But once they are committed they are highly trustworthy and genuine in their relationships, even though they may not flaunt their love. They are very protective of their relationships.

Professional life (Virgo In Money & Career)

Virgos are perfectionist. They are neat and tidy, have a good memory and are analytical. They do well in jobs that require minute attention to details and jobs that involve abstract thinking. They have a knack for service oriented jobs. Some of the best professions suited for them are Architecture, editor, painter, salesperson, accounting, bookkeeping, teacher, critic, technician, translator, detective, statistician, personal assistant, proof reader, beautician, banker, stock broker, insurance agent, minister, etc.

They are sincere and dependable and thus you can trust them with all the important work. They are very committed to their work and don't mind extending or working overtime. They work methodically. They are good with numbers and thus will do well in jobs that require dealing with them. They are one of the most valuable employees that an organization can have. They climb up their professional ladder with sheer hard work and intelligence.

Zodiac Compatibility (Virgo Compatibility With Other Astrological Signs)

Virgo are usually compatible with other earth signs. They have the highest compatibility with Pisces, Capricorn and Taurus, moderately high compatibility with Cancer and Scorpio, about 50/50 compatibility with Aries and Aquarius and the lowest compatibility with Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius.

Health (About Virgo Wellbeing)

Virgo rules sinuses, bowels and respiratory system. Some of the diseases to which Virgos are prone are cold, flu, allergies, problems with intestines, constipation. From time to time they are also prone to black moods and despondency and this might have negative effect on others around them.

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