Cancer Personality, Characteristics, Dates, & Zodiac Sign Meaning

Cancer Personality, Characteristics, Dates, & Zodiac Meaning. Learn more about this water sign's positive & negative traits, love, profession, compatibility, health, & more!

cancerJun 21 - Jul 22

The Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Months & Dates: June 21 - July 22Positive traits: caring and sensitive, they can also be reserved, homely and intelligent, loyal, dependable, adaptable, responsive, cautious, shrewd, creative. Negative traits: indecisive, moody, over emotional and over sensitive, self pitying, self absorbed.

Cancer Personality & Characteristics

Cancer sign is the fourth sign in the zodiac. Ruled by moon, it is a water sign. A Cancerian is emotional and loving, intuitive and imaginative, shrewd and cautious and also protective and imaginative. One of the least clear cut of all the zodiac signs can be timid, shy, dull and withdrawn on one hand and equally brilliant, shrewd, intelligent and emotional on the other hand. They are basically homely persons who love to stay within the protected four walls of their home, which they take care as a nest. For them their home is the most important thing in life and they channelize a lot of energy, time and money to make it better and better.

They are conservative and they make a clear distinction between the times they want to socialize and the times they want to be in solitude. For them home is a very important place. For a Cancerian man it is the place where he relaxes and relieves all his tensions and for a Cancerian woman it is where she exercises her strong maternal instincts. From the outside they may appear very unemotional, uncompromising, and thick skinned, and shrewd but those people who know them well knows that they are sympathetic, kind and sensitive to those they love. Sometimes they tend to be over imaginative, trying to visualize an ideal life.

They appreciate art, drama and literature and can themselves possess talent for them. They go through a personal conflict where they have the urge to be outgoing on one hand and they have their reserve nature on the other hand, which keeps them withdrawn. Cancerian go through frequent mood swings. One time they are happy go lucky people who are extrovert and seems to be in the mood to party, enjoying himself and letting other enjoy too. Another time he may be a totally introvert person, who withdraws himself from the group and stays aloof, lost in his own world. They don't care much about fame and popularity, but if it comes their way they know how to deal with it. Sometimes they can be very cold and pessimist.

They usually mask their fears behind the veil of humor. They are dreamers and for them the sky is the limit. However they have a very week heart and easily succumb to their emotions. When hurt they retreat into themselves. They avoid change as much as possible, but if need arises they can adapt to it. They are intrigued by past and love to collect memorabilia from the past like antiques, old treasures and relics. They keep secrets well and thus people can confide in them.

Some of the important things associated with Cancer Zodiac Sign are: Symbol: The Crab Ruling Planet: Moon Element: Water Motto: 'I feel' Lucky Colors: White, silver and pale yellow Lucky Flowers: Water lily (lotus), iris, white poppy, white carnation and southern magnolia Birthstone: Ruby and pearl

Love Life (Cancer Relationship, Love & Sex)

Emotions being a very important trait of a cancer, they tend to be emotionally attached to their lover. They have a highly developed sense of touch and are very sensual and loving. They are moody and sensitive and for them sex is not just a physical act, its an emotional bond that connects them with their lovers, an emotional commitment. However they don't take betrayal and unfaithfulness in love and are revengeful and don't forget and forgive easily. They need to be constantly given the proof of love or else they will lose the interest in relationship. But if enough love is showered on them, they become tender and understanding. They believe in long term commitments and dream of having a happy family and a lovely home filled with them. But sometimes they tend to be overprotective which might scare their partner a little bit who may feel they are losing their freedom in the relationship.

Cancer Man in Love and Relationship: A Cancer man, having strong attachments to his mother, always finds comfort in the company of a woman. Even though he may prefer quantity over quality, he respects woman and understands them better than any other man.

Cancer Woman in Love and Relationship: A Cancer woman is very receptive to those whom she loves. She completely surrenders herself to her lover and accepts whatever he gives in return with silence and resignation. She yearns for a man who can pamper her with all the love she dreams of. She is looking for a responsible man who is ready to marry her and provide her with family and home which she cares a great deal for.

Professional life (Cancer In Money & Career)

Some of the best suited professions for cancers are acting, hotelier, caterer, astrologer, teacher, banker, medical profession like doctors or nurses, businessmen or chefs, journalists, writers, politicians, social workers, human resource professionals etc. Being the mother of zodiac they do well in careers that involve caring and nurturing. They are very good in multitasking and can be very good executives in many fields. They are imaginative; they give good advice and are responsible about their duties and responsibilities.

As an employee they are very hard working and driven by energy to perform well. They can also be sympathetic colleagues and good conversationalist. They usually avoid direct confrontation and need constant dose of appreciation. They are achievers and successful in their careers.

Zodiac Compatibility (Cancer Compatibility With Other Astrological Signs)

Cancer's have the highest compatibility with cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and also highly compatible with Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. They have a kind of 50/50 compatibility with Aries, Libra and Leo and are least compatible with Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini.

Health (About Cancer Wellbeing)

Cancer rules stomach, liver, diaphragm and breasts hence they need to be careful with these body parts. They are prone to coughs, indigestion, gas gallstones and the general problem of the stomach and the intestines. They are also vulnerable to emotional disorders like depression, hysteria and hypochondria.

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