Libra Personality, Characteristics, Dates, & Zodiac Sign Meaning

Libra Personality, Characteristics, Dates, & Zodiac Meaning. Learn more about this air sign's positive & negative traits, love, profession, compatibility, health, & more!

libraSep 23 - Oct 22

The Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Months & Dates: October 23 - November 22Positive traits: passionate, powerful, intense and self controlled, determined, self reliance, resourceful. Negative traits: jealous, secretive and obstinate, introvert, obsessive, manipulative.

Libra Personality & Characteristics

Libra sign is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. It s a masculine sign and ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love, beauty and social grace. They are sentimental and tender and seek for public approval of their activities. They are accommodating and can easily reach an understanding with people. They are very rational people and avoid being impolite or rude to people. They have a contradictory personality. On one hand they like arguments but on the other they prefer making peace with people. They try to live a very balanced life, looking at all aspects of a situation, which might sometimes put them in to confusion as to which side to choose. However they are refined diplomatic skills and can handle situations well and know how to strike the balance.

Being an air sign they seek aesthetic pleasure, balance in relationships and a harmonious environment. They are very concerned about justice and doesn't prefer taking sides but arriving at a solution that benefits all without harming anyone. They have a refined taste, a charm and are excellent in arts, personal care etc, however they can easily fall prey to flattery as they enjoy attention and praise.

They are very strong willed and will accomplish their goals in one way or the other. Their weapon is their wit and charm. They do not spend all their time pursuing for something if they find out they cannot achieve it, rather they will walk away and find something else. They derive their emotional, physical and psychological pleasure form beauty and its various forms like books, music, flowers etc. If they do not find beauty in their environment it will make them unhappy.

They are fond of excitement, challenges, adventure and the unusual. They are very social and are great at getting along with people. They can make friends from all walks of like and love their groups. They are masters when it comes to relationships, not only romantic, but personal, family and professional. Actually they are the ones who keep the group in harmony and together. They are independent and highly capable and intelligent.

Some of the important things associated with Libra Zodiac Sign are: Symbol: The scorpion Ruling Planet: Pluto, Mars Element: Water Motto: 'I wish' Lucky Colors: Red, black, midnight blue and emerald green Lucky Flowers: Anemone, heather and gardenia Birthstone: Topaz

Love Life (Libra Relationship, Love & Sex)

The watery sign of Scorpio is the most sexual of all the Zodiac sign. They are highly volatile and volcanic when it comes to sex. For one to be able to relate to a Scorpio in terms of sex, they need to match his hunger for sex. They can even use sex to manipulate their lovers. They possess some sort of magnetic powers when it comes to love that attracts people towards them. They are forceful, powerful and exciting. They have high expectations from their relationships, sometimes it becomes difficult for their partner to cope. They focus on their relationship is extremely intense. They are over expressive in love. For them there is no romance without sex. They prefer partners who are confident, have high self esteem, and are experimental and expressive. Their partner should be loyal and faithful. They have a magnetic personality that attracts people towards them. Even though they are sensitive and emotional, they rarely display it. They are also very possessive and can become extremely jealous if they feel that their partner is not paying them enough attention.

Libra Man in Love and Relationship: Libra man: The Scorpio men are easy to be seduced and to take to bed but it is equally hard to make him commit in a long term relationships. He is very sensitive and feels lonely. He doesn't like to be lead or women controlling him. They are moody but also very protective of their partners.

Libra Woman in Love and Relationship: Libra woman: A Scorpio woman is demanding, emotional and demonstrative. She is very seductive and flirtatious. It will be difficult to win her heart. She likes committed relationships but doesn't like being controlled by her partner. She is possessive, sensual and full of passion.

Professional life (Libra In Money & Career)

Scorpios are very intense and have high capacity to focus and concentrate. They can block out distractions with ease. They are curious are keen on knowing the mysteries. If ever you happen to be interrogated by a Scorpio be ready to be probed till the bottom and thoroughly. They are highly intimidating and intuitive. They need independence in their job and their employer's need to trust them. They will do well in careers like - managers, engineers, secret agents, navigators, detective, pathologist, butcher, soldier, journalist, market analyst, doctors, investigators, managers, etc. Because of their deep interest in solving the mysteries they do well in jobs that require in depth investigations like psychology and all kinds of research.

Scorpio men likes to make a difference to the world, thus they may join politics. They have the required charisma to gather enough followers. Scorpio Women prefer using their talents in healing people but in a traditional way. Scorpions are passionate about their work and are also courageous. They are disciplined and stable. They have a very good memory and are intelligent as well.

Zodiac Compatibility (Libra Compatibility With Other Astrological Signs)

Scorpio's are most compatible with the natives of other water sign. They have the highest compatibility with Cancer and Pisces, and less compatibility with Leo, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility is more than 100%. They are like mirror to each other.

Health (About Libra Wellbeing)

Scorpions rule the excretory systems and reproductive organs, thus they will usually be suffering from illness related to this part of their body. They are prone to headaches, infections and fevers and various other diseases related to their reproductive parts. However they have a strong constitution which helps them to fight their illness and diseases.

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