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libraSep 23 - Oct 22

Libra Horoscope For Today Today's Horoscope For Libra
Today: Sunday - April 21, 2024


The moon continues its journey through your sign, dearest Libra, forming a supportive connection with Pluto early this morning to elevate your confidence and charisma. Meanwhile, Venus and Chiron join forces in fiery Aries, helping you reclaim passion for yourself and your love life. Whether you're single or coupled up, now is the time to reclaim your groove. Self-care also pairs well with this cosmic climate, especially when it's pursued to find healing. Watch out for jealousy amongst your peers when the sun and Pluto square off, inflaming egos and conjuring intense power struggles.

In Love

Do not engage with power struggles or conflicts today, Libra. The cosmic weather is a bit darker than we would hope for. As the sun shivers through your solar eighth house of intimacy, he’ll step upon a bombshell laid by powerhouse Pluto, the planet of destruction, now in your solar fifth house of romance. Expect to feel fired up about control or domination today—or your partner may, instead. This could create great havoc between people that you ultimately regret. Find a place of peace and serenity inside. That is where you also find your grace. If your fears or insecurities are welling up like demons in the night, it is better to resist their wickedness rather than give them strength. Daily Dating


You are feeling pretty good about your place in the world, but now you want to do something about the world itself. Your big ideas could lead you in some very interesting new directions.

In Work

Are you afraid of commitment, Libra? It may sound silly because you are usually a commitment-focused zodiac sign. However, you may have some fears to work through today when Venus in Aries conjuncts Chiron in Aries. Part of you might be worried since past professional arrangements may have taken advantage of you. If you do not want to repeat the past, then think about what kind of boundaries and expectations you need to set forth. Use this cosmic energy to regain your confidence in asserting your standards in your professional arrangements. 

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