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libra Sep 23 - Oct 22

Libra Horoscope For Today Friday - September 22, 2023


You'll sense the energy building as the moon continues its journey through your sign, sweet Libra, cozying up to passionate Mars as afternoon rolls in. This cosmic union will set your passions ablaze, inspiring you to follow your gut while fighting for what you desire most. You may also notice an influx of attention, as people will be drawn to your raw magnetism. Meanwhile, Venus and Jupiter square off overhead, promoting themes around community, though you may feel obliged to cut ties with certain connections to make room for new ones. Consider investing in self-care later tonight when Chiron activates your solar seventh house. 

In Love

A rather fabulous day for friendship, romance, and sensuality awaits you, Libra. This is because your planetary ruler, Venus, will link in a striking dance with mighty Jupiter, our Greater Benefic. This ensures you'll feel the urge to have fun and not focus on work or responsibilities. However, even though you will likely feel very optimistic about your personal life and the world, moderation may be needed so that you're not spinning your wheels and diving into a blunder that could leave you feeling gun-shy. Feel free to be romantic or enjoy pleasure, but don't splurge too hard.


Dating: Speak out today. Someone needs to hear the truth and only you can tell them. Your energy connects you to others in new ways, so make it work for you and get your folks to see the way it is.

In Work

Channel all of this energy into something constructive, Libra. It might have been a stressful work week of highs and lows. Although it is slowly but surely getting behind you, there might be residual feelings as the moon in your zodiac sign conjuncts Mars in your zodiac sign. The conjunction may amplify your frustration or restlessness as you wind down from everything that has ensued this week. Instead of allowing yourself to become any angrier, you could use this energy to focus on making the most of your weekend by being productive. 

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