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Libra Horoscope For Today Tuesday - November 29, 2022


You'll feel strong within your disposition as the morning unfolds, dear Libra, thanks to a supportive connection between the moon and Saturn. Use this energy as an excuse to advocate for what you want, even if doing so requires that you throw a little weight around. Luckily, people will be fairly agreeable to your charms, as the Scorpio sun and Venus cozy up in the cosmos. Look for signs and synchronicities when Luna blows a kiss to Mars later in the afternoon, encouraging you to trust your intuition and take action accordingly. Watch out for drama at home as evening rolls around and the moon squares off with Pluto, threatening to stir the pot.

In Love

Welcome in a change of pace, Libra. As sweet Venus, your guardian angel planet and our ruler of attraction, pleasure, and joy, spins into your solar second house, you’ll feel the impetus to give gifts of value to your sweetheart or those you love. Keep your eyes out for lovely possessions for yourself, a crush, or a significant other. Be giving and know that the universe will also help you to receive. With Venus in Scorpio, you may find that these gifts are like rare jewels, treasures, or shells from beyond the sea. 


Dating: It's the perfect time to tell someone how you feel. Your expressive energy makes your case pretty compelling, so who knows where you'll end up tonight?

In Work

Explore your creative side, Libra. With the moon shining in your sign, you could feel more introspective about your identity than usual. Instead of feeling self-conscious, you should lean into this beautiful lunar energy to feel confident. The moon also trines Saturn in Aquarius, suggesting that you may feel more level-headed than usual about your means of professional self-expression. It might even feel like your duty to be quirky, progressive, and futuristic in your creative capabilities at work. Do not be afraid to stand out for your unconventional self-expression throughout today!

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