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Taurus Horoscope For Today Friday - September 22, 2023


You'll be moving and shaking as the Sagittarius moon makes a series of aspects this morning, dear Bull, pushing you to look for hidden opportunities, even when you're uncertain about whether they'll lead to anything. Luckily, you'll have a chance to relax when the moon enters Capricorn this afternoon, activating the sector of your chart that governs spirituality, higher thinking, and luck. Meanwhile, Venus and Chiron share a sweet exchange, helping you practice radical self-love. The sun moves into Libra just before midnight, bringing forth fall while urging you to try new routines in the name of improving your wellness and efficiency. 

In Love

One of the most magical periods of the year for your personal life is coming to a close, Taurus. The mighty sun will remain in the fields of Virgo for just one more day. This past month has energized your solar fifth house of fun, dating, and pleasure, and you've surely had some fun! Use today's shimmering energy to recharge any last corners of your heart so you can carry this laughter, attraction, and light into your year ahead like a beacon. If single, this is a pivotal moment for you to be honest with your checklist about what you want in a prospective suitor.


Dating: Some of your people are trying a little too hard to impress you today, and you should try your best not to let them have it when they go off. Just chill out and let them embarrass themselves.

In Work

What is worth your time and energy, Taurus? Now is the time to take a calculated leap of faith with your investments during the first quarter moon in Sagittarius today. The lunar energy will amplify your desire to move forward with your financial and professional matters. So, you may feel empowered to make a spontaneous decision that could allow you to expand upon your professional and financial security. Later on, you may feel like you have the authority to do as you please with your professional journey when the moon enters its detriment, Capricorn.

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