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Taurus Horoscope For Today Tuesday - November 29, 2022


Romantic entanglements could be a source of distraction today, dear Taurus, as the sun and Venus canoodle in your solar seventh house. Meanwhile, the moon continues its journey through relationship-oriented Libra, inspiring you to improve upon your existing connections. However, the stars will ask that you remain focused on your professional ambitions when the moon blows a kiss to Saturn, so be sure to stay on top of your responsibilities. Luckily, you'll have time for romance and luxury this evening when Luna connects with Mars, ushering in a passionate and sensual vibe that's perfect for a date with that special someone.

In Love

Prepare to swim into new depths in your relationships, Taurus. One of the sweetest and most magical periods of the year is upon you. Sweet Venus, your ruler and our goddess planet of romance, attraction, and pleasure, has turned a corner and is fluttering her fins across the sky from you into your solar seventh house of union. If you are committed or married, you will enjoy more camaraderie and pleasure between you in the weeks to come. Spend time enjoying the sweet moments bringing you closer. If single, this is the perfect moment to cast out your fishing line for someone with long-term relationship potential who may end up being a soulmate.


Dating: Your social energy is pushing you in new directions, and you might find yourself saying hi to strangers or wandering until you meet someone who changes your world. Things are looking up!

In Work

Your mind and social skills are beneficial, Taurus! Since the moon in Libra is conjunct Mercury in Libra, you might be an adept communicator in your workplace. Taking the middle ground is your best option, especially since the moon trines Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini. Conversations about pay, feeling valued, and what is desired at your job might take place throughout the day. It would be wise to hear what your colleagues have to say, as their comments could give you a greater perception of your professional and financial security.

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