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Pisces Horoscope For Today Monday - August 15, 2022


The moon continues its journey through your sign this morning, dear Pisces, providing you with a feeling of weightlessness and ease as you begin the day. Unfortunately, rocky vibes could find you when the moon opposes Mercury this afternoon, creating tension within your closest relationships. Small comments may feel like criticism right now, especially when it comes to your significant other. Try to gauge your reaction if you feel yourself getting irritable, and don't be afraid to pull away from others in favor of practicing self-care and reclaiming harmony. Luckily, the vibe will lighten this evening, allowing you to skate past any conflict that may have manifested earlier in the day.

In Love

Unplug from the universe today and tomorrow and swim off into a fantasy land if you can, Pisces. Yet, with the mighty sun, our great luminary, clashing with an icy Saturn, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be unable to do so! This cosmic war makes you face the truth, especially when it comes to challenges, struggles, and hardships. This energy could make you feel quite lonely and depressed, especially if you’re dealing with already lower levels of mental health and anxiety. Do your best to find peace and balance and choose mindfulness rather than feeding drama into relationships.


Dating: It's a great time to lose yourself in the crowd. You're feeling okay but not quite yourself, and the crazy social energy should be enough to help you figure out what you want to do with your time.

In Work

What do you want to bring up to your colleagues, clients, or supervisors today, Pisces? Something is on your mind as the moon in your sign opposes Mercury in Virgo. You will have plenty of time to consider your tone, turf, and timing, thanks to the passivity of the mutable opposition. But do not let the wavering energy dissuade you from addressing your thoughts or concerns. Use the mutability to edit your thoughts, get organized with what you want to say, and set a time to discuss with the other party. 

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