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Virgo Horoscope For Today Tuesday - May 24, 2022


Your love life will benefit from some truly dreamy vibes this morning, dear Virgo, as the moon continues its journey through Pisces, forming a cosmic alliance with ethereal Neptune. However, the mood will become more passionate later in the afternoon as Luna makes her way over to fiery Mars. These sentiments will intensify as both celestial bodies enter Aries and your solar eighth house this evening, giving you and your sweetie an opportunity to bring your bond to the next level. Luckily, doing so won't feel so scary, thanks to a supportive connection between Luna and auspicious Jupiter.

In Love

Virgo, things aren't as they seem, so don't jump to conclusions in your love life. For instance, your celestial planetary ruler, Mercury, is still retrograde, but it recently re-entered Taurus and your exotic ninth house of adventure, belief systems, and unknown territory, which means, you're being called to reflect, revisit, and reassess your next steps. Crushing on someone who's at a distance from you? Keep in mind that the moon will join Mars and Neptune in Pisces today, bringing emotional emphasis and intuitive clarity to themes surrounding your agreements, commitments, and significant others. The catch? You're more likely to succumb to deception and/or illusions at this time. Use your discernment.


Dating: It's a good time to start off on a long trip or plan one. You have the itch to go way beyond your old limits, so pick an ocean and start crossing it. You might not get to the other side for years. That's okay. It's the journey that counts.

In Work

Honor your inner power, Virgo. Your financial and professional transformation is within your means, especially now that Mars has entered Aries. Mars will fuel your desire to assume control over your assets, resources, investments, loans, and even any debt. As your energy builds momentum, Mars in Aries will support your endeavors to make the most of what you have. Executing this work will happen behind closed doors, suggesting that you will psychologically analyze what you can capitalize on without allowing anyone else to usurp the control you have over this process. 

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