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Virgo Horoscope For Today Thursday - February 16, 2023


You'll feel inspired to outgrow old thought patterns that have been holding you back, dear Virgo, as the Capricorn moon aligns with the Nodes of Fate. Allow yourself to be elevated by these supportive vibes, stepping into the limelight as your confidence soars. Creative ideas will emerge from deep within as Luna aspects auspicious Jupiter, making it a good time to invest in your artistic self. Watch out for jealous behaviors within yourself and others tonight when the moon and Chiron clash, doing your best to find comfort and security from within, rather than looking for validation through outside sources. 

In Love

Beware the bitterly cold energy of today, Virgo. As the mighty sun, our great luminary, soars through the sky, he will unite in an exact conjunction with the Great Taskmaster, Saturn. In a sense, this is like a brutal battle between fire and ice. You’ll feel as if you’re under a dark cloud today, with bad news, frustrating communication, and an overwhelming level of responsibility falling upon your shoulders. You will likely feel burnt out and like the entire world is against you. Be especially careful about what you write, speak, post, and announce today, too. It could end up bringing more drama for you to face.


Dating: Your wallet needs some love -- so try to ease up on the impulse purchases! You may need to stay home for a while or go on cheap dates for a while. It won't last forever, is the good news.

In Work

Where could your work life lead, Virgo? Be open about what you are currently doing versus what you could do as Mercury in Aquarius squares the South Node in Scorpio and the North Node in Taurus today. It might be comforting to stay stuck in your usual work routine, community, and conversations. But you may need to challenge yourself to expand your horizons to enhance your work life. Just know that whatever you do could set a new structure to fall back on in place for your work life since the sun in Aquarius will also conjunct Saturn in Aquarius.

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