Pisces Personality, Characteristics, Dates, & Zodiac Sign Meaning

Pisces Personality, Characteristics, Dates, & Zodiac Meaning. Learn more about this water sign's positive & negative traits, love, profession, compatibility, health, & more!

piscesFeb 19 - Mar 20

The Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces Months & Dates: February 19 - March 20Positive traits: imaginative, selfless, sympathetic, compassionate and submissive, they are some of the best friends one can have, they are very sensible to the feelings of others Negative traits: on the negative side they are escapist, secretive, vague and weak willed.

Pisces Personality & Characteristics

Pisces zodiac sign is the 12th and the last sign of the Zodiac. It is a water sign and a mutable sign. Pisces reflect some of the characteristics of all the other signs. They are basically of two types - the ones who go along with the flow, usually idealists, and the ones who goes against the flow, who are fighters and manage to scale great heights in life. They are emotional and sensitive yet unaffected by criticism. They do not easily lose their temper, but when they do they can be harsh. However they do not take time to cool down. For them world is like a fairy tale. They are predictably unpredictable.

They are helpful, gentle, and patient and love serving others. They are usually shy and abide by love and care. They have a sense of kindness and compassion and are very friendly, generous and good natured. They may not be practical but are versatile and are also very homely. They are dreamy and live in the world of fantasy. It's easy to mislead them because they are always ready to believe. Sometimes they find it difficult to make up their mind and they are confused. Ego is not their cup of tea and they are always ready to give more than what they have been asked for.

Very sensitive to the feelings of people around them, they offer a lot of sympathy to make others feel better. They are popular with all kinds of people because they are easygoing, affectionate and submissive. They accept the environment around them and try to adapt to it rather than trying to change them. They are more concerned with the problems of others than with their own. They dislike discipline and confinement and exist more emotionally than rationally. They observe and listen well and they are receptive to new ideas and environment.

Some of the important things associated with Pisces Zodiac Sign are: Symbol: The fishes Ruling Planet: Neptune / Jupiter Element: Water Motto: 'I believe' Lucky Colors: Mauve, Lilac, Purple, Violet and Sea Green, yellow Lucky Flowers: Orchids, violets and water lilies Birthstone: Amethyst and Yellow Sapphire

Love Life (Pisces Relationship, Love & Sex)

When it comes to love, Pisceans are romantic and artistic. They are very committed and loyal to their partners and do not hesitate to show their affection. It is easy to get along with them. They are good in understanding people's feelings and can be very caring. They believe in long term relationships; however relationships with them can be fluctuating. One needs to give time to fully understand them. When it comes to sex, they are erotic and like to enjoy it. For them, lovemaking is like spiritually connecting to their partners and an expression of their sensual personality. Being lazy they do not like chasing their lovers. They are daydreams and fantasize a lot, and they do the same in love as well. They live for romance and it means a lot to them.

Pisces Man in Love and Relationship: Pisces man: Piscean men are very enchanting and captivating. They have that charisma and sensitivity to attract women towards them. Sometimes married woman attracts him and he finds them mysterious and alluring, thus falling in love with a wrong women. An incredible lover nevertheless, he is affectionate and tender. Once he decides to commit, he does so very loyally.

Pisces Woman in Love and Relationship: Pisces woman: A Piscean woman is hard to resist. She is full of passion and fantasy and can adapt according to her man's needs. She is attracted to different types of man, one who is emotionally needy as well as the one who is strong. Her life centers around love and she is very happy when in love. Once heartbroken she can be oversensitive.

Professional life (Pisces In Money & Career)

Pisceans are creative and passionate and highly intuitive. They are very talented when it comes to traditional arts like music, dance and photography. They are good in figuring out what is best for whom. Their intuition helps them to do well in fields that require compassion. They are rich in artistic creativity and can do very well in artistic professions like writing, music, acting, dancing etc. Some of the best career options for them are veterinarians, artists, biologists, musicians, psychologists, doctors, dancers, painters, musician, director, priest, advertising agent, social worker etc. Pisces men have a very idealistic approach to life. They are good to work with. They are reflective, synthesizing and are compassionate who wants to help people like alcoholic, prisoners, drug addicts get back on their feet. Being attracted to water, they might also prefer working in shipping and boating related professions. Pisces women do well in institutions like hospitals where they can care for others. They can also do well in creative professions.

Pisceans are very dedicated employees and they thrive to specialize in their fields. They are a team player and are very selfless and inspirational team member. They make valuable contributions to the team however they refrain from getting emotionally involved with their job.

Zodiac Compatibility (Pisces Compatibility With Other Astrological Signs)

Pisceans are highly compatible with Taurus, for all the strength and security they can provide. They are also compatible with cancer and Libra, but their best match is Scorpio as they connect at a special and unspoken level. They are least compatible with Gemini, Leo, Virgo, and other Pisces.

Health (About Pisces Wellbeing)

Pisceans rule the lymphatic system, synovial fluids and functions of the glands in general some of their common health complaints are swelling, allergic reactions to drugs, and injuries of the foot etc. Their emotional nature also makes them vulnerable to psychosomatic illness. Another major cause of concern for them is their foot. They need to take extra care of if to make sure that it doesn't give them problems. They are susceptible to alcohol and drugs to escape from the problems of the world.

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