The 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs of the East Asian Astrology


Chinese Zodiac Personality Characteristics & Traits(What's About The 12 Animal Signs) The Chinese Zodiac is a fragment of Chinese astrology. It characterizes a 12-year cycle that is constructed on the 12 innovative animals. These 12 innovative animals are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Individually these animal is thought to have its own different personality. The traits and characteristics all differ and can range from being forthright and charismatic which the rat represents to honest and hard-working like the pig represents. Each animal features personality traits that are unique.

The animals that make up the Chinese Zodiac are also part of the agricultural calendar. Unlike a regular calendar that is divided into months, this calendar is divided into two week segments. The total number of two week segments is 24. The two week segments are also known as Solar Terms. Each animal within the Zodiac is linked to two of these segments. When you describe a person’s animal sign during this period, it is considered their inner animal as it involves understanding what motivates the individual and how compatible they are with other signs.

The animals that make up the Chinese Zodiac are also separated into two major categories. The first category represents what is called the "Power Signs". The animals that represent the power signs are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Snake and Monkey. These animals are all included in the "Power Signs". The second category of animals is the "Romance Signs". These animals consist of the Rabbit, Horse, Ram, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

The animals within the Chinese Zodiac are also divided into four thrines. These thrines are simply called The First Thrine, The Second Thrine, The Third Thrine and the Fourth Thrine. There are three animals assigned to each thrine. The Chinese Zodiac can seem a bit complicated at first, but as you continue to read more on what the signs mean and what each animal represents you’ll begin to get a better understanding of the signs.

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