2024 Yearly Chinese Horoscope For Dog

Dog Get your yearly free Chinese horoscope for the year of 2022. Be ready to face the year ahead and find out what the stars and the planets have in store for you!

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For The Year Of 2022

Surrounded by Support

It's the year of the water Tiger, and positive energy arrives for you. Dog, the year ahead can be one of your best. While you may not be a Tiger, you're quick-moving, confident, even fearless when necessary. There will be lots to do this year, but you're very hardworking. You also have a knack for making friends and finding supporters, and this skill will come very much in handy in 2022. Overall, your prospects for this year look very bright.

You are in the fifth year of your 12-year cycle. If you consider the 12-year cycle like a year on the farm, this is the height of summer. Much of 2022 will be split between work and play. On the farm, it would be time to fertilize the fields, pull weeds, and protect your precious crops from bugs. The vegetables grow, and the fruit ripens. As you tend to what's important to you, abundance can appear. In 2022, you can move forward in your career and find good connections for love and friendship.

Your luck is like a guardian angel watching out for you. This means you can take bigger risks, make bolder moves, and tackle more interesting projects. You have just a little bit more luck and help than most people this year. In the year of the water Tiger, you're more intuitive, and may receive messages about what direction to take or when to take action on a project. This might prompt you to investigate your psychic ability, or a divination method like reading the I Ching.

In 2022, your challenges are centered around cultivating connections with larger groups of people. This is a good year to find like-minded people with whom you can share hobbies or interests. You might join some new groups, or take a leadership role in an organization to which you already belong. You are likely promoting yourself through speaking or teaching engagements. You might support your community through a charity, and you can meet new friends through social groups.

During the water Tiger year, success comes through education. This can be formal education, where you seek to get a degree or professional certification. You might try an accelerated program, or take specialized classes in computers, video editing, or investing. You might even learn to speak a new language. Overall, Dog native, the Tiger energy can be quite beneficial for you.

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