2024 Yearly Chinese Horoscope For Rooster

Rooster Get your yearly free Chinese horoscope for the year of 2022. Be ready to face the year ahead and find out what the stars and the planets have in store for you!

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For The Year Of 2022

Clearly in Charge

As the year of the water Tiger arrives, you may feel some unsettled energy starting to brew. Rooster, you are normally orderly, productive, and decisive. But this new Tiger energy could ruffle your feathers. Success is available to you if you make adjustments. There will be impediments in the road ahead that could require you to swerve, or even take a new route. You are very quick at picking up information, and this skill will be quite helpful in 2022. This year, your sharp eye for details will spot opportunities that most other people miss.

You are in the sixth year of your 12-year cycle. If your cycle was a year on the farm, this would be like summer is coming to an end. This is a happy time, when fruits and vegetables are starting to ripen, but the full work of harvest has not yet begun. There will be days for play and relaxation, as well as busy days of work and activity. So while the water Tiger year can bring many great opportunities for Rooster, you can also step away from the rat race every so often to have a marvelous time with family and friends.

You have the most luck when you are confident and determined to move forward. Even if you doubt yourself, this is the quintessential "fake-it-till-you-make it" time for you. Rooster, you're naturally self-assured, with abilities ranging from straitlaced admin to flamboyant performer. Whatever role drops in your lap, you'll be able to pull it off flawlessly. Trust yourself, and you'll be able to find treasure this year.

Self-care is your challenge in 2022. Sometimes you like to live high, which can lead to rich foods, excessive shopping, and other indulgences. But you’ll gain more benefits by taking care of yourself—especially your physical body—through restful sleep, diet, and exercise. Your challenge is to carve out time where you can put yourself first. Adjust your schedule to fit in healthy activities and visits with friends and family, along with time for your career.

During the water Tiger year, success comes through career opportunities—and there will be many. You have a growing skillset that employers and customers value. You can expand your business, or parlay your experience into a better job. The Tiger may be prowling the grounds, but you can hop up to the rooftop and be seen in a positive light.

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