2024 Yearly Chinese Horoscope For Tiger

Tiger Get your yearly free Chinese horoscope for the year of 2022. Be ready to face the year ahead and find out what the stars and the planets have in store for you!

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For The Year Of 2022

Many Choices, Many Options

Congratulations! It's your year, the year of the water Tiger. This means that a plethora of interesting and exciting opportunities will be unfolding for you over the course of 2022. There will be some challenges as well, but you will delight at leaping over what other people see as obstacles. Your restless and daring nature will make this year quite the adventure.

If you think of your 12-year cycle as a year on a farm, this year would be the beginning of spring. You've been given a brand-new farm and a bag of seeds, and now it's time to plant. In this case, though, planting means trying new things—which is fortunately something you're quite good at. The more new things you try, the bigger your harvest will be. This year, there are no sacred cows (the metal Ox was last year). So it’s not just the little things, but also the big things that can change in your life. For example, you might try a new type of toothbrush. But then, you might carry that new toothbrush (and all of your belongings) to a new dwelling, or even a different country.

Your main source of luck will be career and reputation. If you want to change jobs, you’ll have the support of the Universe backing you. You may even want to change careers entirely. You will be quite visible to everyone this year. You can gain more followers or subscribers, and your resume magically floats to the top of the pile. But be wary of posting anything controversial, as it could come back to bite you.

In 2022, you may have challenges around paperwork, contracts, legal matters, and possibly travel. These are areas where you might have to work harder than usual, but also where you could find the biggest opportunities for growth. These will be your tallest mountains to climb. If you have had difficulties handling paperwork in the past, you'll need to focus attention on getting them under control. Devise your own system to help you stay on top of it.

In the year of the water Tiger, you are gathering resources for your personal use. This is not just about money; It's also related to the people in your life who have specific skillsets. Bartering with someone who can build your website, sharing responsibilities with your partner, or having a good relationship with your local banker are all things that could put you head and shoulders above the crowd.

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