The Tiger zodiac personality & meaning

The Tiger Zodiac Personality & Meaning. Born leader, always in the lead. Noble and Fearless. Daring fighters for t... Read now only at!

tiger2022, 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, and 1938

The Tiger Zodiac Sign

Tiger motto is
'I win'

Basic Astrology Elements

  • Character & Symbol: 虎, hǔ (寅)
  • The Five Elements: Wood
  • Yin Yang: Yang
  • Lunar Month: First
  • Lucky Numbers: 0, 1, 3, 4; Avoid: 6, 7, 8
  • Lucky Flowers: cineraria
  • Lucky Colors: grey, white, blue, purple, orange; Avoid: gold, silver, brown, black
  • Season: Spring
  • Closest Western Zodiac: Aquarius

Years And The Five Elements People born within these date ranges can be said to have been born in the "Year of the Tiger", while also bearing the following elemental sign: The following is also a chart of the dates of the Gregorian calendar, of those born in the year of the Tiger.

Start dateEnd dateElement
13 February 19261 February 1927Fire Tiger
31 January 193818 February 1939Earth Tiger
17 February 19505 February 1951Metal Tiger
5 February 196224 January 1963Water Tiger
23 January 197410 February 1975Wood Tiger
9 February 198628 January 1987Fire Tiger
28 January 199815 February 1999Earth Tiger
14 February 20102 February 2011Metal Tiger
1 February 202221 January 2023Water Tiger
19 February 20347 February 2035Wood Tiger

Personality of the Tiger

Chinese Astrology: The Tiger

In Chinese Astrology being born in a certain year classifies you as a certain animal. The Tiger starts with the year 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022 and 2034.

Being born under the sign of the Tiger would mean the person was a born leader. They tend to take charge in all situations. Liking things very orderly, they tend to be neat.

freak type of people. Tigers like to take their time in any project they are doing. Feeling that if quality time is spent on the project, it will turn out to be their best. Since they are natural leaders, they are a very forceful person and often come out on top in business affairs as well as romantic affairs. Their raw appeal attracts many to them from the opposite sex, which then leads to many relationships.

Tigers are warm hearted people and very noble. When befriending a Tiger, they will stand by that person no matter what occurs, later discussing how they feel on the matter. When they fight it is for a good cause and they do stand up for what they believe in. They will not back down until the wrong is righted. They are very stingy with money affairs however. Working hard for their money, they scrimp and save and do not spend foolishly. Also the Tiger has intense mood swings and can get angry without warning, causing them to have an erratic temper. This part of their personality draws people away from them, but many do not find out about this part of the Tiger until later on in a relationship. The Tiger reacts very poorly to stress and can often have emotional outburst. They need to learn how to do things in moderation, whether it comes to spending or emotions.

The best partner for a Tiger would be a Horse or a Dog. Since the Tiger is very loyal, relationships can last long periods of time. However because of the Tiger's anger and mood swings, it is typically the down fall to the relationship. The Tiger can act without thinking in some cases when it comes to matters of the heart, which could be both good as well as bad.

Chinese Zodiac Tiger Compatibility

Sign: Tiger
Best Match: Tiger, Dog, Horse
Average Match: Pig, Rabbit, Goat, Snake, Rooster, Ox, Dragon, Rat
No Match: Monkey

Goody 4 Shoes!
On their best behavior, Tigers are lovable, alluring, warm-hearted, altruistic, honorable, hard-working, pleasant, independent, engaging, dynamic, idealistic sweetie pies.

When You Act Up (which is quite often)
When they act up (which is often), Tigers are rash, hotheaded, reckless, infatuate, quarrelsome, caustic, moody, predatory, rebellious, disobedient, irreverent rascals.

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