2024 Yearly Chinese Horoscope For Ox

Ox Get your yearly free Chinese horoscope for the year of 2022. Be ready to face the year ahead and find out what the stars and the planets have in store for you!

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For The Year Of 2022

Beginning to Manifest

As you step into the year of the water Tiger, you feel a heavy burden slipping off your shoulders and being left behind. The last year may have been quite challenging, Ox, requiring lots of change and disruption in your normally well-defined routine. But despite the erratic energy of the water Tiger year, you may now feel a sense of peace. This doesn't mean that all the changes in your life are complete. But you're settling into a new routine, and with your usual grounded and pragmatic outlook, you'll find yourself in the flow.

Ox, you are entering the second year of your 12-year cycle. If we compare the 12-year cycle to a year on the farm, it's now the height of spring, and seed planting is in full swing. In some ways, this is a continuation of the energy you started last year. It's good to try many new things. There may have been a few changes made last year that you’re now seeking to reverse. But remember, the focus is on moving forward in 2022.

Your good luck and fortune energy are centered around community. You are expanding your circle of friends and getting involved in organizations. Connections are forming, and synchronicity is happening. You may even want to start your own group, bringing together like-minded people to explore one of your interests. Additionally, you have luck around technology. You may have an easier time this year learning new software, integrating apps into your routines, and upgrading equipment.

In 2022, challenges crop up around your career. If you changed jobs last year, you could be presented with additional responsibilities this year. But if the year of the water Tiger finds you in the same job you've had for years, there may be significant alterations in your company or industry. And this could be a sign that you need to make a change. Ox, you're quite self-aware, and you know what you are good at. But sometimes, you still underestimate your abilities. This year, consider reaching for something more.

Also consider allowing your spiritual life to suggest which actions to take and which activities to pursue. Just avoid being too rigid—occasionally breaking the rules is okay in a water Tiger year. It's good to bring spiritual practices into your daily routine. And this could affect many aspects of your life, such as how you eat, your interaction with others, and how you see yourself.

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