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Your Dog free monthly Chinese horoscope prediction is ready for you to read! Find out what lies into the future about the month of For The Month Of August 2022 just for you Dog!

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For The Month Of August 2022

For Dog natives, your I Ching hexagram for August is thunder over earth 16).  Now is the time to follow the path of least resistance. Ask yourself what is easier and more efficient in the situation. What brings more harmony to those around you? If something becomes a struggle, set it down and walk away. Do something where the energy is more harmonious. You might find you achieve much when taking this Zen-like approach.

The full moon is on August 11, and you are more disciplined and able to accomplish big goals right now. It’s time to set your sights high, especially if you want to revamp your website, finish your novel or build a deck. Gather the materials together and put yourself on the clock. Dog, you can get more done in the next couple of weeks than you have in some time.

The twenty-seventh brings the new moon, and there are new resources for you. It’s possible you have found another source of revenue or that someone is offering you credit at a good interest rate. For some Dog natives, this could mean you’re receiving a sum of money from a family member. This person has decided to share the wealth, and your name has come up.

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