Monthly Chinese Horoscope For Horse

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For The Month Of May 2022

For Horse natives, your I Ching hexagram for the month of May is earth over fire (36). It’s time to stay silent on a matter and wait for things to cool down. There’s too much opposition for you to voice your position. To keep the peace, sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all.

There is a total lunar eclipse on May 15, and Horse, financial matters are highlighted at this time. You might feel a transformation is needed in how you handle your money. This can open the door to a lot more money flowing into your accounts. But first you might need to revamp how you budget, how you save, and what you invest in. It’s possible you’re taking a course on handling money or you have your sights set on making more money in the near future.

The thirtieth brings the new moon, and travel could be on your mind. You want to get out of town to experience new things and see new sites. Perhaps you have some travel credits from a trip you postponed earlier. A quick phone call to out-of-town friends could get you a place to stay at no charge. Now you just need to carve out enough time in your schedule to make your escape.

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