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Your Horse free monthly Chinese horoscope prediction is ready for you to read! Find out what lies into the future about the month of For The Month Of August 2022 just for you Horse!

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For The Month Of August 2022

For Horse natives, your I Ching hexagram for August is earth over earth (2). The time for wishing and dreaming has passed. This month, you’re coming down to earth and looking at the practical. You might be asking yourself what’s really happening here. Horse, this is a month to be honest with yourself and do a real assessment of where you are. From this clear picture of reality, you’ll know what direction to go.

The full moon is on August 11, and you might be focused on being a good parent right now (or grandparent or aunt or uncle). You might be attempting to prepare a child for what lies ahead, which could be school or placement tests. Horse, you might be equipping them with the supplies they’ll need. You could be navigating a school’s web portal and learning how to upload homework.

The twenty-seventh brings the new moon, and you might be quite introspective at this time. Perhaps you’ve taken up journaling or meditation. It’s possible you are starting to see a counselor or life coach to help you navigate your way to success. By spending some time on this, you’ll notice that you can make much more progress in many areas of your life.

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