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For The Month Of May 2022

For Pig natives, your I Ching hexagram for the month of May is water under heaven (6). Sometimes there are obstacles even when you’re on the right road. There can be traffic jams or detours that slow you down. Just because you feel blocked doesn’t mean you’re not heading in the right direction. Trust yourself and look for ways to make more progress.

There is a total lunar eclipse on May 1, and Pig, there are some challenges around education. You might have a big test coming up or a project due soon. You could find that one of your kids isn’t doing as well in school as you thought and needs a little tutoring. Or there are some issues around student loan debt. This is going to take some time to work out, but you can find your way through this.

The thirtieth brings the new moon, and home is where the heart is. Your door is wide open. Family is coming for a visit, possibly from a great distance. It might be for a celebration, such as a graduation, milestone birthday, or wedding. You might want to gather people to take some family photos if several generations will be represented among the party.

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