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For The Month Of May 2022

For Goat natives, your I Ching hexagram for May is fire under wind (37). In your current situation, a hierarchy has already been established and cannot be changed. Everyone (including you) needs to know their rank, then harmony can prevail. Recognize who should lead and who should follow. That way, you keep the peace and everyone makes progress.

There is a total lunar eclipse on May 15, and Goat, there might be a shift in your relationship status. You could be going from single to taken, or perhaps you’re getting ready to leave a relationship. Either way, a new world is opening up for you, and this change could bring some very interesting prospects in the near future.

The thirtieth brings the new moon, and your finances show improvement in many areas. Your savings are increasing, and your debt is decreasing. You potentially have income coming in from more than one source. And one of those sources could be growing faster than most, like from your video channel, website, or online store side hustle. When it comes to money, now you have luck. It’s time to take some calculated risks to improve your revenue streams.

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