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Your Goat free monthly Chinese horoscope prediction is ready for you to read! Find out what lies into the future about the month of For The Month Of December 2022 just for you Goat!

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For The Month Of December 2022

The month of December brings the fun of creating something beautiful. December 7 is the start of the Yang water Rat month, and Goat, you might be feeling very crafty. Over the next four weeks you could be tie-dyeing T-shirts for Christmas presents, making soap from coconut oil, using your jigsaw to cut a puzzle out of scrap wood or knitting a scarf. You have just a few weeks to finish that baby blanket or stuffed animal for your niece or grandchild. Your hands are busy this month. There is a full moon on the seventh, and Goat, a financially savvy relative might tell you of a hot commodity or investment to consider. They’re willing to take you by the hand and walk you through the process. This could involve something like gold, oil futures or cryptocurrencies. This might be a way to diversify your portfolio. December 23 brings the new moon, and you might have a lot of interaction with siblings, cousins and other relatives who are around your age. You might even be introduced to a relative you didn’t know you had. Someone could discover through a genealogy website that the two of you are related and seek you out, and suddenly you have a new relative.

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