Monthly Chinese Horoscope For Rabbit

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For The Month Of May 2022

For Rabbit natives, the month of May brings the I Ching hexagram of thunder under heaven (25). You succeed now when you live with integrity. Doing things for the right reasons moves you forward. Any ulterior motives you have will be discovered and your efforts discounted. Be honest with yourself about what you want.

There is a total lunar eclipse on May 15, and children or younger relatives could be a handful today. Someone might come to you to ask for help to get them out of a jam (a jam they should have brought to you before it got so complicated). Now they want you to help them dig out of the situation, and this could involve more than just your advice. They might want money.

The thirtieth brings the new moon, and you could be taking some personal time now. You might be working from home or taking time off for an real vacation. It’s a good idea to take some time to rest and rejuvenate. It could be at a spa, ashram, or your favorite seaside resort. What’s most important is putting yourself first. Often you put everybody else at the head of the line, but now it’s time to treat yourself as well as you treat others.

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