Monthly Chinese Horoscope For Rabbit

Your Rabbit free monthly Chinese horoscope prediction is ready for you to read! Find out what lies into the future about the month of For The Month Of August 2022 just for you Rabbit!

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For The Month Of August 2022

For Rabbit natives, your I Ching hexagram for the month of August is lake under fire (38).  When you feel stuck, one strategy is to do the opposite of what you would normally do. Consider the contradictory position. This allows you to break free. Consider working on the weekend and taking a few days off during the week. Think about taking the opposite viewpoint in an argument. Try going out when you would rather stay in.

The full moon is on August 11, and the resources you thought were available are blocked, at least temporarily. Rabbit, this might mean you have less access to credit or the terms aren’t as appealing (possibly due to high interest rates or other negative factors). Now you have to look for other resources and solutions. This is a good time to be flexible.

The twenty-seventh brings the new moon, and you might be focused on conquering paper clutter once and for all. Rabbit, you might get a desktop scanner so you can archive past taxes, family photos and all those articles you saved from magazines. You might fill bags with shredded paper as you destroy old records. Over the next two weeks, you can make incredible headway.

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