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Your Rat free monthly Chinese horoscope prediction is ready for you to read! Find out what lies into the future about the month of For The Month Of November 2023 just for you Rat!

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For The Month Of November 2023

The month of November brings Rat natives the I Ching hexagram of mountain over wind (18). Rat, the energy this month is about focusing on repairing what you have. In general, you want to make things run smoothly, and this starts by first looking at your systems and the tools you use, making sure they’re in tip-top condition. This extends to relationships with helpful people. If there have been any rifts, those could be repaired as well. There is a new moon on Monday, November 13. Rat, it’s beneficial now to focus on resources. This is especially true of financial resources, such as low-interest loans, gifts from relatives, and gains in investments. What you focus on could expand. It’s also important to put these funds to good use, and that means having a plan for how you’re going to use the money and then following the plan. On Monday, November 27, there is a full moon. Rat, communication is key right now. It might be necessary for you to catch up on your email or make sure you’re answering texts. Check your spam folder to make sure that important documents haven’t fallen by the wayside. And check your voicemail even if people rarely leave you messages.

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