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Scorpio Horoscope For Today Tuesday - May 24, 2022


A creative and visionary energy will find you today, dear Scorpio, as the moon continues its journey through mystical Pisces, activating your solar fifth house. Good vibes will continue to flow when Luna cozies up to Mars, your planetary ruler, inspiring you to take action toward your dreams. You'll feel a shift this evening when the moon and Mars enter fiery Aries, helping to bring an element of organization into your life. Be sure to outline a plan for the next couple of weeks, so you can hit the ground running and achieve your goals without incident in the coming days. 

In Love

Things are starting to make more sense with regards to your next steps, and it's all thanks to today's solidifying Venus-Saturn sextile, as it will activate your communication sector and your sixth house of logistics. Scorpio, the cosmos is presenting you with a unique hybrid of energies to work with, as you are able to look at things from both a practical and emotional standpoint. For instance, the moon will join your traditional ruler, Mars, and Neptune in Pisces today, which, in turn, adorns your fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure with a dreamy due of compassion, empathy, and otherworldly seduction. Which path makes more sense?


Dating: You need the energy of other people to help yours resonate in the right way, so try to surround yourself with your friends and well-wishers. Eventually, one of them might need to ask you something important.

In Work

Expect to feel like you are brimming with raw energy at work when Mars enters Aries today! Scorpio, now that Mars in Aries is fueling your zeal, you may feel especially forceful in your daily operations at work. Bright and enthusiastic, Mars dashes from objective to objective with remarkable vigor. Throughout this transit, you may feel like you will never tire. Although you are energetic and can get the job done rather quickly, this does not mean you should say “yes” to doing everything that comes your way. Use this energy wisely so that you do not burn out!

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