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scorpioOct 23 - Nov 21

Scorpio Horoscope For Today Tuesday - November 29, 2022


You'll be in the mood to cut any dead weight from your life today, dear Scorpio, as the Aries moon blows a kiss to passionate Mars. Unfortunately, strategizing your next bold move could feel like a tall order as Luna and Pluto clash in the skies. Give yourself permission to prioritize your mental health when Mercury aligns with the nodes of fate, even if doing so requires you to sever ties with unhealthy situations or companions. Luckily, a luxurious and grounding energy will find you later tonight, when the moon enters Taurus and the sector of your chart that governs love.

In Love

Prepare for volatile energy today and tomorrow, Scorpio. In fact, you’ll be center stage surrounded by hungry lions! Unfortunately, sweet Venus, our Lesser Benefic and the goddess planet of marriage and romance, is now orbiting in your solar first house of identity — your zodiac sign — and will go to war with icy Saturn, the planet of hardship, defeat, and sorrow. You’ll feel overly emotional, lonely, dejected, and broken on the inside. This may even be about disagreements in regards to home, domesticity, or family.  Try to process the feelings rather than spiraling off on a tangent that would inevitably lead you to loss.


Dating: Be careful with things like leases and relationship agreements, basically anything new in the love department. As long as you take your time before answering, you should catch anything fishy.

In Work

Are you ready to commit to your destiny, Scorpio? Talk about what you want or need before agreeing to a new arrangement when Mercury in your sign opposes the North Node in Taurus. How you perceive yourself in your partnerships or committed to your responsibilities can make a significant difference. Use the opposition to address any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have about further developing your arrangements. It could even be time to consider working more intimately with another professional party to enhance your authority and identity as a professional.

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