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Scorpio Horoscope For Today Thursday - February 16, 2023


Take a moment to journal what's in your heart and mind this morning, dear Scorpio, as the Capricorn moon connects with the Nodes of Fate. This cosmic climate will offer you a glimpse into the future, allowing you to make smart decisions while strategizing for a brighter tomorrow. Be mindful of how much you take on and the expectations you set for yourself when Luna squares off with Jupiter this afternoon, or you could end up manifesting undue stress and internal pressure. Good vibes will flow later tonight as Luna aligns with Uranus, marking the perfect occasion to do something unexpected for yourself or your sweetheart. 

In Love

Today will make you feel miserable, frustrated, and heartbroken, Scorpio. You could feel like the entire world is against you. This is because the mighty sun, our great luminary and the ruler of ego and consciousness, will have his light obscured by a fierce Saturn as they unite in an exact conjunction. This violent clash of fire and ice is never pleasant and signals depression and pain. Heavy news may appear around family, home, domesticity, your parents, or even real estate. Prepare and buckle down. If you are able to damage control, you will fare much better.


Dating: Arguments are likely to break out today over the silliest things -- but they don't seem silly in the heat of the moment! The good news is that the storm should pass almost as soon as it begins.

In Work

What should you commit to, Scorpio? There might be some tension with taking a calculated risk to leave your comfort zone to pursue professional commitments when Mercury in Aquarius squares the South Node in your sign and the North Node in Taurus. It might be tempting to do everything on your own, especially if you are incredibly self-sufficient. But it might be worthwhile to invite your coworkers in to hear what they have to say and to accept their help. Doing so could set you up for greater success down the line without taking away from your independence.

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