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Scorpio Horoscope For Today Saturday - August 13, 2022


Heartbreak or the feelings of others could leave you feeling energetically and emotionally tapped out this morning, dear Scorpio, as the Aquarius moon squares off with Mars, your planetary ruler. It's okay if you need to take some time off from nurturing others, especially if you need to relax and recharge your batteries. Luckily, you'll feel much more energized and like yourself as the afternoon rolls around when the moon enters Pisces and the sector of your chart that governs ego and fun. Give yourself permission to get a little wild as the day comes to a close, blowing off some steam with the emergence of the weekend. 

In Love

Majestic Venus, our goddess planet of love and beauty, has accepted new assignments from the universe and is charging onward into fresh territory, Scorpio. Our Lesser Benefic spends just under a month in each zodiac sign every year, and now she is ignited in the kingdom of Leo until September 5. For you, this will shine a light on you around public recognition. This could be a time when you and your lover are stepping before the world. However, if single, you have a chance to meet someone who might have fame, power, or success that lifts you up.


Dating: Walk on eggshells around friends and customers at work, especially those you know are on edge. It doesn't take much to start a fight right now, and if that happens things could get quickly out of hand.

In Work

Creativity will flow in when the moon enters watery Pisces and forms a trine to your sign, Scorpio. Although the lunar energy has a wavering attention span, you might still be intuitively drawn to work on a few ideas or passion projects. Get in touch with your inner artist! Others may remark on your mutable professional style during the lunar transit. Do not be surprised if your coworkers bring up how often you change the direction of your work or adjust your style. Let this be an encouragement to keep following your intuitive inspiration!

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