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Gemini Horoscope For Today Tuesday - November 29, 2022


It will be glaringly obvious who is and is not in your corner today, dear Gemini, as the Aries moon aspects Mars and Pluto. This cosmic climate could also lead to conflict within your community, but try not to get involved in petty power struggles. You'll have a chance to prioritize your goals through organization as Mercury aligns with the nodes of fate. These vibes will also ask you to prioritize your health and efficiency, so be sure to make smart choices. Remember to outline a to-do list if you begin to feel overwhelmed, or a square between Venus and Saturn could cause you to abandon your plans.

In Love

Grab your umbrella and raincoat today and tomorrow, Gemini. The skies above are promising thunder and rain! Sweet Venus, our Lesser Benefic and the planetary ruler of romance and pleasure will cross swords with icy Saturn, our Great Taskmaster, in the skies above. You’ll likely have ideas of how you want to expand your perspective and life’s plans, but others seem not to be supporting this. Sadness, isolation, and separation are all very likely now. Know that this is something you must turn within about rather than connecting with others. They will not be supportive of your desire for adventure.


Dating: You're in the middle of a social whirlwind, and loving every bit of it! You might meet a bunch of new people, and some will become friends. One might become something more.

In Work

How can you feel more secure with your professional life, Gemini? Certain comments or questions brought up today may change your perception of work when Mercury in Scorpio opposes the North Node in Taurus. Whether it is said directly to you or a conversation comes back, you may find that some of your coworkers feel some type of way. Take note of what is discussed, especially if any secrets come to light or if you receive information that gives you greater clarity. You may find that this information shifts your mental perception in a new direction!

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