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geminiMay 21 - Jun 20

Gemini Horoscope For Today Saturday - August 13, 2022


Take some time to meditate before heading into work today, dear Gemini, as the moon takes its final steps through Aquarius and your solar ninth house. Unfortunately, a harsh connection between Luna and Mars could cause you to run from your spirituality, especially if you're afraid to face any pain that might be fresh in your subconscious. You'll notice a shift this afternoon when the moon enters Pisces, giving you an opportunity to set boundaries without closing off your heart. These vibes are also perfect for catching up on your responsibilities, making it a great day for running personal errands. 

In Love

Our goddess planet of attraction, love, and beauty has turned a corner to venture into new skies, Gemini. As Venus transits your solar third house of communication and short-distance travel until September 5, you’ll notice life is more lively, fun, and sweet. This could affect you in a few different ways. First, whether single or attached, romance will blossom when you are out of town, whether that is in nearby destinations, on a road trip, or have taken a short flight to somewhere close to home. Next, your words will be even more mesmerizing than ever before! Seduce to your heart’s content!


Dating: For once, the way is clear and you know just what to do to get that date or gig or whatever it is that your heart most desires. It might not be easy, but just knowing is more than half the battle.

In Work

What do you want to be recognized for, Gemini? Expect to slowly slide into the limelight when the moon enters Pisces today. As Luna illuminates your career path, you could be revered for your artistic skills, compassion, and acts of service. Colleagues might warmly bring up how your sensitivity has positively influenced your professional status and path. However, the lunation may also allude to escapist tendencies, a lack of boundaries, and even a victim complex. If these negative attributes arise, take it for what it is and set the goal to right any wrongs. 

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