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geminiMay 21 - Jun 20

Gemini Horoscope For Today Tuesday - May 24, 2022


Take a moment to journal your professional goals this morning, dear Gemini, as the moon continues its journey through Pisces, forming a cosmic alliance with visionary Neptune. These vibes will be supportive of your dreams for the future, though you'll need to take into consideration all of the hard work that will go into making them a reality. You'll notice a shift this evening when the moon and Mars make their way into Aries, bringing a lively energy to your social life. A connection between Luna and Jupiter can also help you expand your following online, so be sure to post a cute selfie to draw in new followers. 

In Love

Has work been getting in the way of your personal life, Gemini? Whether it be an authority figure you look up to or a reputation you're doing everything in your power to uphold, today's astro-weather is urging you to set the necessary boundaries. For instance, before the moon concludes its journey through boundless Pisces, it will join forces with Mars and Neptune via your bossy tenth house of traditions, legacy, and notoriety, which makes you ten times more emotional with professional matters than usual. Luna's sextile to Pluto, however, encourages you to reflect on whether it's getting in the way of your romantic commitments.


Dating: Your big thinking will clear the way for the next few weeks or months. You're just about to make a breakthrough that will give you the biggest leg up ever. If you feel like quitting, don't. You've almost reached the summit.

In Work

Who will you link up with, Gemini? Today, Mars enters Aries, which fuels your desire to network, make friends with other colleagues, and follow your professional dreams. Bold and excitable, Mars in Aries is ready to get moving! You could immediately jump into events where you can meet more people or ask a few colleagues to meet up outside of work. If you are looking to become acquainted with leaders in your desired field or industry, then Mars could help you make those connections. Your desire to follow your aspirations will also feel immense during this transit!

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