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gemini May 21 - Jun 20

Gemini Horoscope For Today Saturday - May 21, 2022


You should feel elevated and confident within your abilities today, dear Gemini, thanks to a cosmic alliance between the sun and Mercury, your planetary ruler. Use this cosmic climate as motivation to go boldly after your personal goals, but remember to use your voice and mind in the process. Luckily, you'll be on the receiving end of some serious cosmic support as the moon continues its journey through Aquarius and the sector of your chart that governs spirituality. A flirtatious energy will find you this evening when Luna blows a kiss to Venus, ushering romance into your social life. 

In Love

There is nothing the slightest bit wishy-washy about relationships today. There is every chance that you and your loved one will be able to explore some pretty deep and normally unfathomable levels. Today's planetary energy puts a great force into the air that can move through obstacles like a knife through butter. If you are afraid of passion, you'd better run a mile!


Dating: Keep yourself at arm's length from people, even if you want to get closer. There's time for that later, and you have your own stuff to take care of before that can really happen.

In Work

Gemini, you may feel more self-assured today when the sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde in your sign. Mercury retrograde may feel like a personal challenge, especially if you are trying to figure out what kind of professional you want to be and have a better understanding of your presence in the workplace. The dexterity of the retrograde could have made you feel unsure of yourself. Thankfully, this conjunction could allow you to finally see yourself clearly as a professional. A coworker could even make a comment that supports and validates your insight.

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