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geminiMay 21 - Jun 20

Gemini Horoscope For This Week (Week of Starting On: January 08 to January 14)


This week, you might stumble upon a treasure.

The week begins on Sunday, January 8, with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and your house of resources making a trine to Uranus in Taurus. Gemini, you might be reviewing your finances and investments when you stumble upon something that looks like quite an opportunity. This might be a stock with a technical analysis graph that looks like it’s about to make a breakthrough. Or this might be an opportunity to buy a commodity, such as silver coins, at a good price. But with this easy energy, you could get distracted and forget to make the transaction.

On Monday, January 9, Venus in Aquarius and your house of education trines Mars retrograde in your own sign of Gemini. You might be attracted to someone with a foreign accent. Their melodic tones and sultry voice could have you completely entranced. Gemini, this might be a quick meeting that stays with you all day long. If you’re looking for love, you might want to follow up and see if there is a possibility here.

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In Love

This week, you’re setting some goals.

The week begins on Sunday, January 1, when Mercury retrograde in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. It’s good to put your energy into looking ahead. Gemini, you face a blank slate right now and a world full of possibilities. This combination can help you see clearly what’s been foggy in the past. Today is a good day to set some goals.

On Wednesday, January 4, Venus in Aquarius and your house of spirituality sextiles Jupiter in Aries. Take some time to refresh your feng shui cures. Gemini, you might dust off your wind chimes or shine the cut-glass crystals hanging in your windows. As you pay attention to these spiritual objects, you renew the energy and welcome in opportunities for prosperity, connection, and great health.

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In Work

Find your footing to remain in control throughout your workweek, Gemini. Beginning on Sunday, January 8, you may feel unsure where to go or what to do with your investments since Mercury retrograde in Capricorn trines Uranus retrograde in Taurus. The earthy trine is somewhat stable, which is nice since it will impact you on a more subconscious level. You may feel unsure of how to proceed with an investment or partnership since something might intuitively feel off. Go with your gut feelings and wait for something to materialize that could confirm how you are perceiving your situation. 

Either way, you may need to reconsider how your subconscious and your daily habits influence your ability to keep moving forward with your professional journey when Venus in Aquarius squares the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio a few days later. 

Making a decision about what you will do to move forward in your professional journey might be easier since you will begin feeling like your old self when Mars finally stations direct in your sign on Thursday, January 12. By the end of the week, invest yourself in your hopes and dreams for your career path!

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