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taurusApr 20 - May 20

Taurus Horoscope For This Week (Week of Starting On: November 13 to November 19)


This week, you’re finding where to draw the line. 

The week begins on Sunday, November 13, with Mercury in Scorpio and your house of relationships making a quincunx to Mars retrograde in Gemini and your house of money. Today, you might be challenged to find the compromise between your financial habits and how your partner handles money. Taurus, you might be on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to spending, and this is going to take a conversation or two before you can make headway. Start with what you have in common with each other before you broach the financial topic.

On Monday, November 14, the sun in Scorpio and your house of work/life balance trines Neptune in Pisces. Today, you might be pushing work aside so you can have some free time. It’s possible you’re expected to work overtime after working all weekend. Taurus, you’re trying to establish a boundary between your personal life and work life, but your company might try to dissolve that boundary.

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In Love

This week, you’re finding some balance between work and play.

The week begins on Sunday, November 6, with Venus in Scorpio and your house of relationships squaring Saturn in Aquarius. Today, you could have a very important conversation with your partner. There might be a lot of talk about division of responsibilities and how you can support each other. Taurus, you have the opportunity to come together as a team. It would be great to do something today that requires both of you, like putting together a piece of ready-to-assemble furniture.

On Tuesday, November 8, there’s a lunar eclipse in your own sign of Taurus, and the Scorpio sun approaches an opposition to Uranus. Back on August 1, there was a conjunction between Mars, Uranus and the North Node that signaled a time of change. Now the change begins to manifest, and you might have some alterations that affect your job or an important relationship. Taurus, it’s possible that someone you like at work is moving on to a new job. Or you might be starting something new and leaving your team behind.

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In Work

How can you take your commitments to the next level this week, Taurus? You may want to talk to your fellow constituents about the road ahead when Venus and Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn from Sunday to Monday, November 13 to 14. The sextiles could provoke transformation when you are ready to explore a new adventure or path with your partnerships and arrangements. Be open to what the other party wants to explore as you cannot control every outcome. 

Since the sun in Scorpio will also trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces, you may have a clearer idea of who you want to work with or which aspirations you want to develop. Given that Venus and Mercury in Scorpio will trine Jupiter retrograde in Pisces over the next few days, develop a strategy to expand upon your professional dreams. Having a plan could inspire you to stick with your ventures! 

Later in the week, Mercury and Venus will enter exuberant Sagittarius. Your plans could be immensely successful as long as you go over the details of your investments or financial endeavors. Working with exceptionally positive colleagues may help you feel more optimistic about your courageous strides toward financial success!

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