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leo Jul 23 - Aug 22

Leo Horoscope For This Week (Week of Starting On: August 07 to August 13)


This week, a small setback is followed by a big gain. 

The week begins on Sunday, August 7, with Mars in Taurus and your house of career squaring Saturn in Aquarius and your house of partnership. There are some challenges today. Leo, it’s important to stay optimistic. Occasionally, when you’re climbing a mountain, you’re going to slide back a few feet before you can move forward again toward success.

On Monday, August 8, Venus in Cancer and your house of rest and recuperation opposes Pluto in Capricorn and your house of work. Leo, you might be so obsessed with finishing a project that you go to bed very late on more than one occasion. This could make you sleep-deprived. It would be wise to balance this energy. Recognize that solutions will come more easily when you’re well rested.

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In Love

This week, you’re beginning a new cycle. 

The week begins on Sunday, July 31, when the sun in Leo (happy birthday!) trines Jupiter in Aries and your house of wisdom. At the same time, unpredictable Uranus conjoins the North Node in Taurus. As part of the monthlong celebration of your birthday, lucky Leo, you are beginning a new twelve-month cycle. This is a good time to strike out in a new direction. Choose something that people aren’t expecting from you. Break the rules and do something extraordinary.

Mars in Taurus conjoins Uranus in your house of career on Monday, August 1. Part of the change you’re considering might involve your job. It’s possible you’re ready to do something entirely different. Leo, you could be thinking about starting your own business or going into a different field entirely. Pity the person who tries to stand in your way right now. You are like a freight train.

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In Work

How can you revamp your professional commitments, Leo?

Beginning on Sunday, August 7, Mars in Taurus will square Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, suggesting that there might be some discourse on how your professional commitments impact your career path. If you want to make a change, then this square may provide an opportunity to do so. However, you might feel thwarted in your advances, so you need to be determined to get what you want. A few days later, you might feel notably stressed about your work-life balance as Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Power dynamics at work might come out, especially with your working relationships, desire for execution, and even how you are valued as a professional. Although the opposition can be challenging to take on, you can use it as an opportunity to assume more control over your work-life balance. Towards the end of your week, you will feel notably self-assured when Venus enters your sign on Thursday, August 11. Embody Venus’s charming energy to confidently assert yourself in any professional setting! As this comes to fruition, the full moon in Aquarius will call a six-month cycle of professional commitments and partnerships to a head.

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