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leoJul 23 - Aug 22

Leo Horoscope For This Week (Week of Starting On: November 13 to November 19)


This week, making a change can bring benefits. 

The week begins on Sunday, November 13, with Mercury in Scorpio and your house of family making a quincunx to Mars retrograde in Gemini. An old point of contention could come up with a family member. Leo, you might have thought it was resolved, but the other party isn’t ready to let it go. It’s possible you’re the object of their irritation, but it’s more likely that you’re pulled into a disagreement between different sides of the family. You might be asked to play mediator and decide who is right.

On Monday, November 14, the sun in Scorpio and your house of dwellings trines Neptune in Pisces. You might be looking for some peace and quiet today. It’s possible you have some work to get done and you’re using your home office, or you’re just very happy that the kids are out of the house and your partner is off doing things. Leo, this is a good time to have a cup of soothing tea and write in your journal.

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In Love

This week, some effort brings big rewards.

The week begins on Sunday, November 6, with Venus in Scorpio and your house of dwellings squaring Saturn in Aquarius. Today, you might be focused on home repairs. Leo, this could be something that’s needed work for a while, but now it’s becoming necessary. So you’re gathering tools or finding someone who can get the matter straightened out. And all of this comes together more easily than you expected.

On Tuesday, November 8, there’s a lunar eclipse in Taurus, and the Scorpio sun approaches an opposition to Uranus. Think back to August of this year when there was a big conjunction between Mars, Uranus and the North Node that signaled major change. Leo, you probably had ideas about alterations you wanted to make, and here is where the rubber meets the road. There might be changes at your company that affect your position or who you report to. And if you’re looking for a new job, an opportunity is very close.

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In Work

Enjoy the flow of your work-life balance this week, Leo. Prepare to get caught up with matters at work when Venus and Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn from Sunday to Monday, November 13 to 14. The sextiles encourage you to radically transform your routine, schedule, and habits to ensure a healthier work-life balance. Communicate what you want or need from your loved ones as well as your colleagues. Being direct is the best way to ensure that everyone understands what you have to focus on at this time. 

Since Mercury and Venus also trine Jupiter retrograde in Pisces, you might feel more financially focused on securing your assets and property to feel comfortable in your home life. It might be time to talk to a financial advisor or someone at work about your options. Retirement, debt, and more are worth looking into so that you feel confident with your decisions. 

Luckily, you might feel more excited about your passion projects when Venus and Mercury enter Sagittarius on Wednesday and Thursday, November 16 and 17. Your ideas and talents are about to give you life! Explore your passion projects with excitement since your endeavors could result in incredible success.

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