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scorpioOct 23 - Nov 21

Scorpio Horoscope For This Week (Week of Starting On: January 08 to January 14)


This week, taking your time makes things easier.

The week begins on Sunday, January 8, with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and your house of transportation making a trine to Uranus in Taurus. There could be some challenges with your vehicle today. Scorpio, it’s possible the car won’t start or it’s blocked in by snow or a stalled vehicle. The train could be late. Or if you’re traveling by plane, you might get bumped to another flight. Today, give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.

On Monday, January 9, Venus in Aquarius and your house of nurturing trines Mars retrograde in Gemini. You might introduce your sweetheart to your friends or family. Or you could be meeting your dating partner’s children. This is a good day to get a family portrait or wear matching outfits to a party.

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In Love

This week, you have a vision of a great future.

The week begins on Sunday, January 1, when Mercury retrograde in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Today, you could tap in to the law of attraction. Scorpio, you might put together a vision board, putting the images into a collage you can use as a screensaver. You might make a piece of art that you can look at daily. This is a good way to attract opportunities.

On Wednesday, January 4, Venus in Aquarius and your house of home and family sextiles Jupiter in Aries. The family could come together today for an exciting announcement. One of your kids might bring home a date, or an older relative could be on the mend. The family might be getting a new pet.

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In Work

Be open about what you want or need in your professional commitments, Scorpio. A past conversation may come around regarding an obligation, arrangement, or partnership when Mercury retrograde in Capricorn trines Uranus retrograde in Taurus on Sunday, January 8. The earthy trine provides a relatively stable foundation for a conversation where hidden feelings or miscommunication regarding an issue may arise. Although it might be challenging, have an open mind since it could lead to greater security. 

However, you will need to be open to making edits or adjustments since Venus in Aquarius squares the South Node in your sign and the North Node in Taurus a few days later. The squares might be stressful, but it could be your cosmic cue that something needs to change for your professional commitment and working relationships to prosper. 

Still, you will need to watch your temper if commitments get to you since Mercury retrograde in Capricorn will also square Chiron in Aries. Maintaining your cool might be easier than usual given that Mars will station direct in Gemini on Thursday, January 12. Once direct, Mars can help you feel self-assured with how much control you have over professional matters.

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