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Capricorn Horoscope For Today Thursday - February 16, 2023


Don't be afraid to step into the limelight while sharing your creative ideas with the world, dear Sea-Goat, as the moon continues its journey through your sign and aligns with the Nodes of Fate. New opportunities could also emerge for you, manifesting through your network of friends and colleagues. Plan on laying low and nurturing yourself this evening when Luna squares off with Chiron, threatening to trigger mood swings and emotional tension. Luckily, the energy will elevate later tonight when the moon aligns with Uranus, bringing forth creative inspiration and moments of brilliance, so be sure to lean into your artistic side. 

In Love

Drama is guaranteed to find you today, Capricorn. Your planetary ruler, mighty Saturn, will experience a violent clash of fire and ice with the glorious sun. The two will unite in an exact conjunction in your solar second house of finances. This will make you feel drained, broken, and like you’ve lost all of your self-esteem, especially because bad news may appear that damages your sense of self-worth. You could feel blindsided and aghast, totally betrayed and furious. The best thing to do is to let the turmoil pass so you don’t exacerbate an already toxic situation.


Dating: Deal with your cash a little differently -- maybe you need to stash some in a separate savings account, or maybe you need to bring in a little extra somehow. It's up to you!

In Work

Feel secure in the professional opportunities that inspire you, Capricorn. You might oscillate between pursuing something new versus sticking with an ongoing professional project as Mercury in Aquarius squares the South Node in Scorpio and the North Node in Taurus. The squares may feel tense, so it could rock your boat just a little if you feel unsure of the financial and professional stability of going after a creative endeavor. No matter what you choose, do not let your fears or anxieties curtail your ability to move forward with a financial possibility that could also bring you joy!

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