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Capricorn Horoscope For Today Monday - August 15, 2022


As the moon continues its journey through Pisces and your solar third house, you'll find that connecting with others in meaningful ways is at the top of your priorities. Unfortunately, you could begin to feel overwhelmed by your intuition as afternoon rolls around and Luna faces off with Mercury, causing you to become particularly sensitive to the energy and ideas that surround you. However, your psychic abilities may not be firing on all cylinders right now, making it important that you avoid overanalyzing any odd vibes you encounter. Plan on spending the evening working on a passion project, as the stars bless you with an abundance of inspiration. 

In Love

Drama is afoot both today and tomorrow, Capricorn. This will be especially impactful for you, as your planetary ruler, Saturn, will have his annual meeting of fire and ice with the mighty sun across the sky. This is an extremely unpleasant energy to navigate and may make you feel drained, broken, and like you’ve lost all of your self-esteem, especially around your libido, sex life, and trust in your partner. This detachment will be quite frustrating, but rather than making rash decisions, perhaps decide to just unplug and relax in solitude rather than fighting.


Dating: You might need to put off an important or fun event, maybe a date. Something comes up, as often happens, but you should be able to reschedule for a better time. Don't despair. Just make it happen.

In Work

Do not be afraid to talk to your coworkers, Capricorn! You can enjoy a fun conversation while maintaining your professional boundaries as the moon in Pisces sextiles Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. Interactions may take a surprising yet welcome turn as they could present the opportunity to share your ideas, passions, or talents with your coworkers. Embrace the unique opportunity instead of shying away from it. Your coworkers might be unusually receptive to what you have to say, which could lead to something greater down the road in your work life!

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