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capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19

Capricorn Horoscope For Today Friday - September 22, 2023


A deeply spiritual and transformative energy finds you this morning, dearest Capricorn, as the Virgo moon blows a kiss to Pluto. Allow yourself to break free from inhibitions if doing so will bring you closer to who you wish to become. Your focus will shift toward professional stability and status just before afternoon rolls in and the moon enters Libra, inspiring you to strategize your next bold move. Just try not to overthink your options when Saturn activates later today, as looking through too many lenses could cause your vision to blur. Meanwhile, the sun and Uranus align overhead, bringing forth spiritual enlightenment. 

In Love

A spectacular day is upon you, Capricorn. As the mighty sun sizzles in a fellow earth sign, he will gaze sweetly upon electric Uranus, in an Earth sign, as well. This will make you feel like you're being electrified and on fire — but in beautiful and exhilarating ways! This is a day to take chances, step out of your routine, and open yourself up to gorgeous ways of having fun with your partner or spouse. If single, try going out with someone who seems a bit rebellious and eccentric and is not the normal bill you'd label as your typical type.


Dating: You and your friends are really in tune today, so get out and see where you end up. It's easier than usual for you to engage people with that amazing energy you have together!

In Work

Traveling and committing to new experiences may not have gone as planned during the last few weeks, Capricorn. Mercury retrograde could have thrown a monkey wrench in your plans. So, this could have alluded to issues with your educational objectives or experiencing problems with traveling for work. Luckily, you may feel more self-assured with your professional journey when Mercury stations direct in Virgo today. Once the post-shadow period begins, you may notice that there is more ease with scheduling travel plans and new experiences to advance in your professional journey.

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