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Capricorn Horoscope For Today Saturday - May 21, 2022


Unexpected expenses could manifest this morning, dear Capricorn, as the Aquarius moon enters a harsh square with chaotic Uranus. This cosmic climate may also bring a hit to your ego, but try not to let the words or opinions of others get you down. Luckily, the energy will lighten later in the afternoon, though it'll be important that you connect with the world around you while finding ways to entertain your mind. Plan on spending the evening at home tonight while indulging in a bit of luxury as Luna blows a kiss to Venus, activating your solar fourth house.

In Love

It is whilst working or moving around carrying out your daily routines, that you encounter the magic force of the day's planetary aspect. If you are a little afraid of passion with a capital "P," then perhaps it is best to run whilst you have the chance. Once you are enmeshed in the situation, it will be too late, and you probably won't want to leave.


Dating: Whatever has been holding you back lately, it's time to bust on out of it. If it's a bad habit, drop it. If it's a bad person, dump them ASAP. You need a lot more room to grow and change.

In Work

Work could be messy thanks to this ongoing Mercury retrograde. Capricorn, you may have experienced miscommunication, technological issues, missing deadlines, and other annoyances that have impeded the flow of your job. But you may have a better idea of how to handle these issues when Mercury retrograde conjuncts the sun in Gemini today. The conjunction could help you clear up any miscommunication, especially if you can get stuff in writing. You may have a better plan to mediate tech issues and could even find any missing details that you need!

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