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Capricorn Horoscope For Today Tuesday - May 24, 2022


Your head may be in the clouds this morning, dear Capricorn, as the moon continues its journey through lofty Pisces, forming a cosmic alliance with dreamy Neptune. While this cosmic climate is certainly conducive to fantasizing about the future, you may need to take extra steps to stay grounded and clear-minded at work. You'll feel a shift tonight when the moon and Mars enter fiery Aries, activating your solar fourth house. This cosmic climate will ask you to focus on home improvement projects and the vibe of your space in the coming days, so be sure to direct your energy accordingly. 

In Love

Before the moon concludes its journey through dreamy Pisces, it will collide with Mars and Neptune in Pisces via your curious communication sector, which will, in turn, add a dreamy hue to everything from your communication style to your immediate surroundings. Who are you fantasizing about, Capricorn? Single, crushing, or already romantically attached, it's important for you to be discerning, as you are more prone to deception and alluring illusions at this time. Luna will also harmonize with Mercury retrograde in Taurus via your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure. Blast from the past? Don't fall for the bait yet.


Dating: You might need to step up and tell someone off, but it will feel so good you might not even realize you're being brave. If you assert yourself, the odds are good they'll back down. Don't be afraid of confrontation.

In Work

“Work” is going to take on a new meaning now that Mars is in Aries. Capricorn, part of having a work-life balance is the ability to tend to matters in both areas. Now that Mars is fired up in Aries, you may feel a forceful redirection of your attention and energy to your home life and private matters. You could use this energy to revitalize aspects of your personal life, like finally kickstarting the home projects you have been meaning to get to. Mars in Aries will encourage you to get the ball rolling!

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