Understanding Planets and Points in Astrology

Planets in Astrology

The truth is that planets are a massive part of Astrology. Each of them carries a different energy and their various locations influence what happens in and around us here on earth. Planets and points have a special meaning in astrology. The study of points helps mankind gain additional insight into the natal chart and solar arc interpretation.

Brief Introduction to Planets


The sun depicts the actual core of a person. It is the inner self of someone that is of central concern. It also shows us the negative vitality and the ability to assert ourselves. Sun rules Leo and the 5th house.


The moon rules over the cancer and the 4th house. It helps us define our emotional developments and express the unconscious side of our personality. It explains why humans do what they do. It influences our senses depending on its placement in the birth chart.


Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. It defines our minds and the way we us them. Intelligence, language, writing, speech and all forms of communication are under the influence of Mercury. It stands for spoken and written word and evaluates the process of learning and skills.


Venus rules both Libra and Taurus. It represents love, romance, culture, sensuality, beauty, affection and social appeal. This planet is very prominent in matters of love and influences how one attracts love as well as how people act in a relationship.


Mars rules Aries and some part of Scorpio. It indicates a sense of aggressiveness, impulsiveness, courage, enthusiasm, willpower and action. The Mars energy motivates and drives a person to accomplish their dreams and goals in life.


Jupiter rules over Sagittarius. It is considered as the planet of luck. It symbolizes expansion, happiness, and development. It represents the search for individual meaning and purpose, optimism and a sense of justice.


Saturn rules over Capricorn. It is the planet that teaches through experience, problems, challenges, and situations. Its influence provides endurance, patience and determination to overcome all odds.


Uranus rules over Aquarius. Its expression is in the state of revolution, unpredictability, change and disruption. The planet is associated with computers, electricity, interventions and society as a whole.


Neptune rules over Pisces. Neptune reveals itself in the form of mystical, spiritual and psychic forces. It rules over drugs, medication, alcohol, the sea and the subconscious.


Pluto rules over Scorpio. Its energies are associated with power, death, re-birth and transformation. It represents secrets that are hidden.

Special Points in Astrology


It is a comet with a unique and erratic orbit. On the natal charts, it is symbolized by the “wounded healer.” It represents human beings’ deepest wounds and the efforts to heal the wound.

The North and South Node

Are points that are exactly opposite each other. Together, they form the Nodal Axis. They are mathematical points that take into account the relationships between the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of our birth. The North Node represents the kindness of experience that we must work to develop to work out with Karma and grow spiritually. The South Node represents experiences and qualities that come out naturally to us.

Part of Fortune

Also known as Fortuna, this point represents the world of success and is associated with one’s physical body and health as well. Success and prosperity are always associated with the part of Fortuna, and it expresses areas in life and qualities that are expressed naturally.


It is also known as the rising star and is the sign on the cusp of the first house of the natal chart. It is among the four angles of the chart; others are Descendants, the Imum, and the Midheaven. Ascendant defines the first impression we make on others in a personal sense.


Midheaven is the cusp of the tenth house of the natal chart. It represents our innermost outstanding achievements in the eyes of the society, our overall sense if responsibility and standings in the world, as well as our accomplishments.


This point is located in the western hemisphere of the chart. It is a point that represents the karmic or fated connection. The vertex is said to be activated at major turning points in our lives, and some believe it is triggered when there is birth or death.

Sun/Moon Midpoint

This is a highly sensitive and personal point. It symbolizes the desire for a championship. It represents close relationship and secret marriage


The Eros can shed light on some of our erotic turn-ons. The point is associated with sexual love and desire. It empowers the mind with love and sex. It represents sexual objectification, creativity, passion, and desire.

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