Differing Views On Astrology


Astrology is practiced differently around the world. Some parts of the world use to study all "stars" like the planets, moon and sun. America has been leaning towards the use of points strictly Sun during recent decades, such as horoscopes invaded almost all print media. Other parts of the world such as China, use only the cycles of the moon in their study of astrology.

Astrology is also viewed differently around the world. Astrology can be a very controversial issue in America. You will find people who believe that astrology is completely wrong, only fun, whether it is absolutely true and trustworthy. You can even find people who believe that astrology is the work of the devil. But in other parts of the world, astrology is quite different.

In America, astrology is sometimes used to determine the best time for a wedding or other event. Astrology is often used in everyday life of some Americans, though many Americans do not consider astrology as a fun and religiously read their horoscope every week just to see if it is good or not. Some Americans believe that astrology all together, and give little or no art at all.

However, China and India, astrology is used on a daily basis to determine what activities should be continued on a daily basis. Some lunar cycles was found to be best for certain activities or decisions in China and India. This is reminiscent of how farmers used once the cycles of the moon to determine the best time to plant or harvest. The idea is simply taken over the fields and in everyday life.

Astrology is also viewed differently based on religion. Astrology is a big part of religious life in the world of the East. Paganism, a word that describes all the "occult" religions such as Wicca, Druidism and Kabbalah religion, directed by Alister Crowley opened, also include astrology as part of religious life. Religions are in America and Western Europe.

Religions use astrology to everyday decisions. They also use astrology to determine when the "power" or celebration. Many Wiccans and Druidic rites based on various astrological phenomena, such as the phases of the moon. Kampala magicians, practitioners of the Golden Alister Crowley's Dawn, use astrology to determine the best time for rites and rituals.

However, some religions view astrology as evil or the devil's work. Both Judaism and some sects of Christianity have this view of astrology. There are many scriptures in the Old and New Testament of the Bible that warn of the study of stars and divination.

On the other hand, some Christian groups embrace either astrology or not to consider the full survey of the sky in their teachings. There are scriptures in the Bible relating to the stars and watch the sky for signs of the first and second fairways of Jesus Christ. Because of these writings, some religions tend to believe that astrology for the use of divination is against the will of God, while the actual study of the stars is actually a good thing.

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